Parts Logistics Centre

The client

  • MTU America, Novi, Michigan 48377, USA
  • Large diesel engines and complete propulsion systems for a multitude of applications (marine, power generation, heavy-duty vehicles and rail vehicles)

The project

  • MTU Parts Logistics Centre for North America near Detroit
  • Distribution channels: Multichannel B2B
  • From order to handover: 7 months

Delivered results

  • Similar system to MTU in Germany
  • Ergonomic multi-use workstations: picking, kitting and replenishment of orders and products
  • Quiet conveyor equipment
  • Possibility to compare the performance of both installations in Germany and the US
  • All from one source: Warehouse Control Software (WCS), material flow controls, integrated steelworks, assembly and support

Installed Systems

Warehouse type(s)

AS/RS (Miniload)

Number of aisles/blocks

5 aisles

Number of storage locations


SRM type(s)

5 x Stratus

Number of workstations

  • 5 ergonomic goods-to-person picking stations


  • 395,000 square feet

Controls technology

  • Commander in both warehouses
  • 3rd party for Allen Bradley conveyor controls


  • TGW


  • Customer‘s team maintains equipment
  • TGW has a hotline contract