Software Development Engineer

(Commander Central)



  • On-time delivery of the planned and committed software features in the right quality
  • Adherence to standards and guidelines
  • Continuous check-in and update of the source-code
  • Correctness of the software features
  • Enable successful integration of components into the overall solution
  • Ensure high test coverage and high quality



Design, development and testing as well as ongoing maintenance and documentation of high quality software components and products as a part of the TGW software development.

Key focus is on software for TGW customer projects involving modern and complex logistic operations. This typically involves material flow control, warehouse control and warehouse management type of features as well as the integration to machine control (PLC) and host system.


Delivery of software products allowing TGW realization teams to work efficiently in projects and successfully operate TGW logistic installations.


  • On time and complete delivery of the planned and committed software features.
  • Positive acceptance and satisfaction among the IT realization teams in the Units
  • Customer satisfaction in the terms of the following criteria
    • Stability
    • Availability
    • Performance
    • Functional scope
    • Ease of learning for IT realization and LTS
    • Low frequency of problems and alerts caused by software issues:
      • Number of bugs and time needed to fix bugs
      • Amount of software related problems during projects
      • Downtime of (live) installation caused by software issues


  • Analysis of requirements and participation in workshops
  • Software and solution design and preparation for the development
  • Software development, programming
  • Preparation, execution and documentation of the test, in particular Unit testing
  • Participation in integration, performance as well as system and load testing
  • Software documentation
  • Software maintenance
    • Analysis and bug fixing
    • Enhancement of existing functionality
    • Tuning and optimizations (source code quality, stability, performance)
    • Active participation and handling of tasks related to the development process, such as:
      • Participation in scrum-meetings
      • Maintenance of the PBIs and tasks
      • Support for other colleagues, e.g. in the other teams
      • Tasks related to support of IT realization projects, such as:
        • Design, development and testing of project specific features
        • In-house and on-site commissioning and testing
        • Technical support (analysis, bug fixing) during ramp-up


  • Profound education and excellent knowledge in information technology
  • Excellent programming skills .NET
  • System and process-oriented thinking as well a creative, systematic and structured way of working
  • Solid database know-how (Oracle, SQL)
  • Experience in software development and tools (Visual Studio)
  • Knowledge about windows WPF, WCS as an advantage
  • Intralogistics as an advantage
  • At least 2 years of experience in software development
  • Languages: High level of English, Spanish or French will be a plus