The robust gantry robots by TGW are perfect for material handling processes over long distances and for high working loads. Available as 2-axis, duplex, heavy-duty or 3-4-axis versions the gantry robots by TGW meet the highest demands in extreme environmental conditions (e.g. freezer applications).

The reliable robot systems are mainly used for (de)palletising load carriers with heavy loads or for transporting goods over longer distances. The combined gripper systems unite various functions in one gripper head and assist with different tasks. Additional options like sortation equipment, infeed segments or intermediate handling options can be integrated individually.

With up to 1,000 cycles per hour and the connection of some gantry robots to a rail system you can accelerate your intralogistics processes to a maximum and save costs at the same time. Thanks to the various installation options, for example, overhead with telescopic axle or sideways, the TGW gantry robots can be used flexibly and thus, also in small spaces for the automation of your material flow.

Gantry robots by TGW - Your advantages:

  • Fully automatic (de)palletising and transport of goods at maximum speeds and repeat accuracy
  • Innovative gripper systems with combined functionalities for the processing of various items
  • Reliable robot systems for highest demands (heavy load, high-performance, redundant systems, limited space)
  • Low-maintenance guide and drive systems and 24/7 support for low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Integration into TGW Software Suite as independent controls system for simple and fast remote maintenance
  • Highly integrated overall solutions developed by TGW for the perfect interaction of all individual components
  • Fast and simple connection to already existing or new intralogistics systems