Palletising and Depalletising Robots

TGW's (de)palletising robots are semi- and fully automatic robot systems taking over the manual picking processes. They can be applied in extreme environmental conditions (e.g. freezer applications). The (de)palletising robots pick and separate goods for various load carrier like totes, roll containers or pallets.

Autostax - Fully automatic palletising robot

TGW's Autostax is an intelligent, robot system without personnel used for fully automatic palletising of mixed pallets or roll containers. The TGW Software Suite calculates the ideal loading pattern in advance to achieve a high packing density and transports the cartons to Autostax in the right order. Autostax palletises up to 700 cartons per hour by using integrated support finger. Subsequently, the pallets are automatically wrapped by an integrated stretcher and transported to the dispatch area.

For special applications, TGW's Autostax is also available as semi-automatic robot palletising system (Slotstax). Up to 1,250 cartons per hour can be manually loaded onto the pallets from two sides. After the picking process, the pallets are lifted, foil-wrapped and released for shipping. If necessary, Slotstax can be extended by the fully automatic supply of goods and at a later stage equipped with all functions of the Autostax.

Splitex - Fully automatic depalletising robot

TGW's Splitex is mostly used in the goods-in area to automatically depalletise and separate goods. Cardboard layers are automatically removed in the process. With a performance of up to 1,800 cartons per hour, the depalletising robot accelerates the picking process and reduces manual tasks to a minimum. 

(De)palletising robots by TGW - Your advantages:

  • Semi- or fully automatic (de)palletising of several layers onto load carriers to accelerate the goods-in and goods-out processes
  • Multifunctional application in extreme environmental conditions (e.g. freezer applications)
  • Volume optimisation by means of maximum packing density
  • Saving of freight costs by efficiently utilising storage space in transport vehicles
  • Integration into TGW Software Suite as independent controls system for simple and fast remote maintenance
  • Highly integrated overall solutions developed by TGW for the perfect interaction of all individual components
  • Fast and simple connection to already existing or new intralogistics systems