Warehouse Software

Even the best logistics solutions only move with the right software. Each component, each technical detail has to work hand-in-hand with the next one. This is exactly what intelligent logistics software does. The TGW Software Suite is on top of all intralogistics processes. It is based on a releasable

modular concept and covers all tasks from goods-in to goods-out in a fully integrated way. The quality of the interfaces with the mechatronic equipment delivers smooth operation from the software and the mechanics, ensuring maximum performance with the highest availability.

Your benefits

  • A central software platform for the worldwide integration of all intralogistics processes
  • Integrated support for automated and manual storage systems
  • Standardised and releasable modules for typical logistics tasks
  • Standardised and fully integrated element of the entire TGW solution
  • Established software competency of more than 500 software installations worldwide
  • Maximum flexibility enables customised solutions
  • Multi-plant and multi-client capabilities offer consistent processes and flexible applications for many logistics organisations