Disruption & Change: These are catchwords, which are a common thread in the order fulfillment processes of a wide range of industries. Never before companies and their supply chains had to adapt to growing challenges so quickly: The scarcity of skilled labour and ergonomic requirements, but especially the growing relevance of e-commerce, mean that new, innovative solutions are required in the material handling industry. One of the most important topics in this context is currently robotics& automation.

Starting the Rovolution ↓

Components perfectly attuned to one another

A powerful component of the FlashPick®, Rovolution ensures a much lower total cost of ownership in perfect harmony with the rest of the module. The modular concept allows for a later upgrade

The benefits of Rovolution

  • intelligent:
    Rovolution uses autonomous processes to correct unexpected events, making manual intervention unnecessary. The material flow is never interrupted, the completeness of the customer's order and correct inventory are a top priority. 
  • self-learning:
    With findings in the field of cognitive robotics and machine learning, Rovolution gains experience with every pick and learns from it. 
  • flexible: 
    Rovolution can handle a huge variety of item types. Both rigid and soft packagings can be gripped accurately, whether they are T-shirts in a polybag, a box of toys or canned food.