TGW Insights: Alessandra Caminati

2. March 2016


It has already been some years since I moved to Austria – amazing how time flies! At the beginning of this adventure, my plan was to do just a one-year-internship and go back to my home country Peru.

challenges as motivation 

If someone asks me what motived me to stay longer than planned, I would say the challenges. The challenge of speaking another language, adapting to a new culture, eating different food, working with people with a completely different mentality, experiencing winter (here was my first time seeing snow), and practicing another sport – everything is different! Even inside of a disco, which for me is a place to dance, but here is more a place to drink without dancing!

TGW Insights: Alessandra Caminati

Proximity & Culture in EUROPE

One more thing that I really like about Austria is the fact that I have to drive one hour only to arrive to another country. Everything is close by! In my home country in South America, this would not be possible. The countries are bigger and the connections between them are not as good. On the other hand, the cultural differences are not as huge as in Europe - you just need a few hours driving to be in another country with a completely different culture, language, infrastructure, people, etc. I am always surprised about that.

TGW Insights: Alessandra Caminati
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    What I like the most is the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world – Austria Brazil, USA, Spain, China, UAE, UK, Colombia, Germany, Croatia, etc. It is a big list.

    This international opportunity opens your mind to experience and enjoy hanging out with friends who have completely different backgrounds (cultures, mentalities, languages…everything!). I love this and I really appreciate that TGW gave me this chance.

    Many times my friends and I, or even at work, talked about the funny misunderstandings, which happened between us because of our cultural differences.

    What have I experienced for first time here in Austria? Long list, but here a couple of examples: Glühwein at a Christmas market (of course!), snow and snowboarding, changing seasons (winter, spring, summer and fall), hiking up a mountain,  cleaning the car after snowing or icing, Schweinsbraten (my favorite Austrian dish).

MY job 
at TGW

One part of my decision of staying longer in Austria was my job at TGW. It was back in my homeland Peru, when I discovered how much I enjoy logistics and even more to research and analyze data. I knew that in Peru it would be difficult to find a job, which covers all my expectations and wishes. It feels good to realize that thanks to the opportunity at TGW, especially at the Solution Development department, I found exactly what I was looking for.

TGW insights: Alessandra C. talks about her experiences during her expatriate stay in Austria.
Alessandra Caminati, Solutions Designer
TGW Systems Inc.
"I am very thankful
for the people,
TGW and the country.
There is a reason,
why I am still here."

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