TGW Insights: Stipe G. talks about a great team and a great city Paris.

7. August 2018


After my time as expat and my personal experiences, there are only two places in the world where we can live happily: at home and in Paris.

Paris without speaking french

When my expatriation program started, I landed at the Charles de Gaulle Airport. First we drove to the hotel and then we went to our temporary office, where we should spend the next 3 months because the new office has not been finished yet. We were working in a huge open office with our laptops and lots of cartons around us. At that time, we were travelling a lot meeting customers, I work as a Solutions Designer. It really felt like a small start-up but this was exactly the driver for this decision, despite it was not an easy one. Actually, it was the most difficult one of all opportunities I had because I was not speaking French at all. Lots of people were telling me: are you crazy why did you choose France? but this was exactly what I wanted, a challenge to get the best out of myself.

TGW insight: Stipe G. seeks a challenge during his expatriate stay. Paris.

Living in the center of paris

After one month living in a hotel, I found an amazing apartment right in the center of Paris, only a 5 minute walk away from Notre-Dame. Bars, restaurants, all kinds of events and actually everything you can imagine were very close to my home. So, these are perfect preconditions for a young mans life in both private and professional concerns. It is an amazing opportunity to live in the center of such a spectacular city. A big advantage is also that you can reach Paris pretty fast from everywhere. If I would like to spend some time with my family or friends, I could jump on a plane and in a few hours I was home or they were here.

TGW Insights: Stipe G. talks about his experience in Paris.
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    It was not very easy to meet new people in Paris or to become a part of it, as people here are always in a hurry.

    The spirit and the teamwork were fantastic from the beginning. Everyone was supporting me in all private issues and also with some French regulation topics, which were quite difficult sometimes.

    One week before Christmas we were able to move to our new office in Créteil a suburb in the east of Paris about 40 minutes away from my home. A typical industrial estate, but we have one of the nicest offices in this area.

    I can say it was definitely the right decision to come to Paris. It is an opportunity to see and show what you are made of. Still, it was a challenge but that's how you grow as a person in all parts of your life.

Great unit
in the heart
of france

I strongly believe that we will be able to celebrate lots of successes here in France in the next years because I see people in this team who are ready to give their best to build a great and successful unit in the heart of France. If you get the chance to join TGW France or any other unit, I can tell you, you don‘t need to think twice.

Stipe Galic Statement
Stipe Galic, Head of Solutions Management
TGW Logistics Group GmbH
"Forget all the reasons
why you shouldn‘t do it.
Believe in all the things
why you should go for it."

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