TGW Insights: Sascha D. talks about his expirience during the expat in switzerland.

2. October 2019


Already some time ago, I decided to go to Switzerland to work there in our TGW entity and gain experiences.


When I arrived in Switzerland, I didn't notice any difference at the beginning, except for that everything is rather "expensive". Austria and Switzerland do not only have the same national colours, but also a similar culture. In my function as Assistant Key Account Manager, I get in touch with customers a lot. During my first customer meeting in Switzerland, I quickly realized that the Swiss dialect was not the same as German. 

My first impression of TGW Switzerland was a very special one. The colleagues immediately accepted and supported me in all matters. The team here in Switzerland is characterized by esteem, friendship and collegiality. What I particularly noticed is that they support one another - no one is left out in the cold.

TGW Insights: Sascha D. on appreciation and friendship in the TGW Switzerland team.


Now to another beautiful part of Switzerland. As an Austrian I never had the idea to go on holiday to Switzerland because of its similarity to my home country. But once you're here, all you can think about is why I've never done this before. I lived in the canton (federal state) of Lucerne and the city is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Switzerland. The impressions gained there still fascinate me today. Lucerne is surrounded by beautiful mountains. You can hike up to Pilatus or Rigi in shortest time and make afterwards a beautiful conclusion in the city. And all that on my doorstep. But what I can especially recommend is the beautiful Tessin (Italian part of Switzerland), where I had one of my most beautiful holidays. This canton is marked by beautiful mountains and lakes. 


TGW Insights: Sascha D. about his experiences in beautiful Switzerland.
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    The team of TGW Switzerland  is quite small, so in my opinion you have a closer access to knowledge and the working processes of the different departments. 

    In the office you can see how the sales colleagues, project managers or systems designers work hand in hand. This alone enabled me to acquire a lot of know-how and also to develop a better understanding of the customer. 

    This customer understanding was especially important for me, as I looked after the customer in After Sales and I was often confronted with project-specific questions.

    If some customers come to me today, I can provide a better understanding and help faster because I also have a better overview of the internal departments such as sales, project planning and the like. 

Part of the 
LTS team

What I am particularly proud of is that I became part of the first LTS team in Switzerland. An expat year is certainly not always easy. You have to leave your family, friends and familiar surroundings behind. But what you get in return is a better perspective, more experience and above all new friends. Here at TGW Switzerland, we have remained a finely-tuned unit. For these reasons the decision to stay another year was an easy one for me. If someone asked me today whether I regret my decision, my answer would be a clear NO.

TGW Insights: Sasha Dini
Sascha Dini, Key Account Manager
TGW Systems Integration GmbH
"Working abroad
broadens your horizon
and helps you growing,
both personally and professionally."

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