Cosmetics & Health: Suitable for small and large orders in any combination as well as for flexible article or assortment changes.
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Our automated warehouse solutions are customized to the requirements of the health and beauty industry and provide an outstanding reduction in lead times. In particular, FlashPick®, our smart order fulfillment system for automated split case picking, helps reach this goal. We are your partner for smooth and fast omni-channel fulfillment. Our systems are suitable for small and large orders in any combination and provide plenty of flexibility for changing items or product lines. We ensure maximum output with ideal ergonomics for your employees - or can help to implement a fully automated system for you.

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  • OMNI-CHANNEL smart combination of various distribution channels 

  • MAXIMUM ORDER ACCURACY during order fulfillment

  • ONGOING GROWTH our solutions are scalable and modular

  • HIGH AVAILABILITY due to efficient storage

  • 60% HIGHER PERFORMANCE due to various automation & robotics concepts


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