29. October 2018

TGW: Winner of the 2018 Austrian Robotics Award

- A top-class panel of jurors convinced by Rovolution
- Innovative TGW technology is intelligent, self-learning, and supremely flexible
- TGW is redefining robotics for intralogistics

TGW is redefining robotics for intralogistics with innovative technology Rovolution

TGW has been selected as recipient of the 2018 Austrian Robotics Award in the "Business" category. Having convinced the prominent juror panel, TGW’s Rovolution technology features an innovative system for fully automated single-piece order picking that is intelligent, self-learning, and extremely flexible. It works completely autonomously – and around the clock, without a single interruption.


The objective of the Austrian Robotics Award is to feature pioneers who bring innovative ideas to life. On 24 October 2018, the top-notch panel of jurors announced TGW as the 2018 winner of the “Business” category. "Having been named as the recipient of the 2018 Austrian Robotics Award is a fantastic confirmation of our work. Positive feedback from our customers as well a large number of inquiries from potential customers are proof of the fact that we have our finger on the pulse of the industry," says a delighted Harald Schröpf, CEO of the TGW Logistics Group.

A New Era in Intralogistics Robotics

While robots have long been state-of-the-art in the automotive industry, order picking in intralogistics has seen only limited applications. However, e-commerce has been presenting more and more new challenges as well as changes in ordering patterns from customers, especially in terms of increased single orders. This is why automation in intralogistics is becoming more important, and this is also why Rovolution is the answer to these increasing challenges.

Rovolution is intelligent, self-learning, and supremely flexible. “Its technology is based on research from cognitive robotics, machine learning, and image recognition. Unexpected events are corrected autonomously and completely without human intervention, which allows for uninterrupted work processes 24/7”, confirms Markus Gusenbauer, Director Group Technology at TGW.

Powerful and Flexible

If, for example, an item drops between the source and the target tote during gripping, Rovolution will correct itself autonomously by adjusting corresponding stock levels. Thus, this innovative product combines two key advantages: maximum performance and total flexibility. Performance maximization, however, does not mean improved kinematics, but instead totally minimized downtime. This is done through autonomous processes, as they correct each and every unexpected event.

Rovolution’s second major advantage is its enormous flexibility. It can cope with a huge variety of article and packaging types, in the most practical sense of the word. Both firm and soft packaging can be processed, may it be welded in foil or wrapped in cardboard, plastic, or metal.

Gantry Robots in, jointed-arm Robots out

The classic method of using jointed-arm robots and dating back to the developmental phases of Rovolution eventually reached its performance limits. As a high-performance alternative, TGW specialists redesigned gantry robots, their biggest advantages being speed and flexibility. Also, the robot’s work area can be displayed in a compact design. TGW provides planning and development, production, software and control – all essential parts of the value chain.

"Rovolution was designed by a highly-motivated team – almost like a company-internal startup. System performance is significantly higher than with classic jointed-arm robots and can be seamlessly integrated into the TGW system world", says Harald Schröpf. "The first order intakes as well as the consistently high level of interest by potential customers are proof of the fact that the market has been waiting for a solution like the one we are now offering.” 


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