Online, 3. May 2021 - 5. May 2021

WERC DX 2021

WERC DX is a conference designed to curate and present solutions to the most vexing problems faced by distribution logistics professionals today.

In 2021 WERC DX will be an online conference for the first time. Connect with us and learn more about how automated warehouse solutions can increase your business success in these unprecedented times.

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Improve Resilience in Fulfillment Operations

May 4th, 2021: 09.15 - 10.00 am CT

The pandemic’s impact on the workforce - combined with accelerating channel changes - has shown that fulfillment centers must be more resilient to staffing disruption and business shifts. With the direct to consumer growth continuing to accelerate, key areas of opportunity include meeting customer service level expectations, workforce management and training, management processes, and material handling automation. This session will explore each opportunity and how to address them to create a flexible, dynamic operation that can overcome external challenges.

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Rob Glynn - Business Development Manager, TGW Systems Inc.
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