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We have developed TGW Warehouse Software - our IT solution for planning, monitoring and optimizing your fulfillment processes. The modular structure covers all relevant areas. These include everything from storage management and order fulfillment to material flow control and visualization. Integrated seamlessly into your IT landscape, it is a powerful connecting link for your supply chain.

tgw warehouse software a modular platform

At TGW, every day more than 500 IT experts work on implementing and evolving software solutions for our customers. The highest degree of planning reliability in implementation is our hallmark as a reliable partner. You can reach our Lifetime Services specialists remotely around the clock!

The modular structure of the TGW Warehouse Software enables an individual selection of software modules connected to your IT infrastructure.

Fraunhofer system validation TGW software


Our TGW WMS storage management system coordinates all intralogistics processes in your distribution center - whether manual or highly automated. It manages the quantities and movements of all goods and links to downstream sequences (including activities at the various Workstations in the goods receiving area, picking area, packaging area etc.). 

The powerful software module is based on standardized processes and enables the easy and flexible integration of third-party suppliers (mechatronics, IT).


Our TGW MFC material flow controller controls all goods movements within your distribution center. The system optimizes the internal transport paths for maximum efficiency and ensures short lead times. This makes it possible to reduce the time required for each order and enables you to provide the service level your customers expect. 

The powerful software module is based on standardized processes and enables the easy and flexible integration of third-party suppliers (mechatronics, IT).


Our TGW SCADA information system is the state-of-the-art visualization of your intralogistics processes. User-configurable dashboards enable easy-to-understand processing of data for different target groups. This makes all relevant key figures and reports available anywhere, anytime. Warning messages (alerts) provide you with real-time information about the status of your processes, displayed in real time on your mobile device. 

To provide intuitive navigation through the detailed levels of your distribution center, TGW SCADA makes use of an optimized usability concept. 

TGW Warehouse Software - Visualisierung

The transparent processing and display of information about goods movements and key logistics figures allows you to keep track of the availability of your system. Our intelligent information system lets you keep an eye on your fulfillment processes at all times and take quick action thanks to the system's user-friendly operating concept. You can also enrich data using a function for storing notes and documents. This ensures that important knowledge is not lost and processes are optimized on an ongoing basis.

TGW SCADA bundles all data into one system and processes it for display in a user-friendly manner:

  • Mechatronic units
  • PLC status
  • Availability logs and reports
  • Live transmissions by camera


Our TGW COMPUTER VISION image processing software enables the automation of process steps which previously had to be carried out manually and were very time-consuming. 

The software module can be used in all process steps of warehouse processes, including everything from storage, order picking, and packaging to goods issue. Various applications are available to match the individual requirements.

Intelligent technologies such as 3D image processing and machine learning enable autonomous workflows without interruption. They are also used, for example, in our fully automatic PickCenter Rovolution picking workstation or the OmniPick® zero-touch pocket sorter system.


TGW .STT is the shipping system we have developed for planning, coordinating and monitoring your deliveries. With flexible interfaces to more than 60 international shipping service providers, you can optimize the processing of your shipments for the long term. The fully integrated software module ensures continuous cost optimization with automatic cost algorithms as well as a high-performance printing function (manual or automatic with up to 10,000 prints per hour).

Planning, coordinating and monitoring your deliveries - TGW .STT


TGW .MON is our proactive warning and alert system for your server hardware and software systems (memory, processes, CPU, network). The warning messages provide real-time information about the efficiency of hardware and software. The messages can be configured and customized to enable fast intervention where necessary.

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