Our solution for fast and precise implementation of a wide variety of sorting applications.
Shoe Sorter

Sorting System for cartons & Totes

Fast &

A central building block for implementing a wide variety of sorting applications – fast and precise. Our Natrix shoe sorter is designed for an output of 6,000 to 15,000 cartons/totes per hour. 

Maximum integration of the respective subsystem is provided by our intelligent control strategy for maximum availability values. In addition, our sorter is extremely easy to maintain, because the sliding elements (shoes) can be replaced quickly and conveniently. 

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  • MAXIMUM SYSTEM AVAILABILITY thanks to components that are perfectly matched to each other within the control software

  • FROM A SINGLE SOURCE maximum integration of mechanical system and control software

  • HIGHEST STANDARD OF SAFETY AND QUALITY based on intelligent and proven TGW concepts

  • HIGH THROUGHPUT RATES of 6,000 to 15,000 loads per hour possible

  • CUSTOMIZED MODULAR SOLUTIONS of TGW based on a diverse and reliable product range 

  • LONG SERVICE LIFE thanks to the use of high-quality and tested components


The solution for the right overall sorting system varies depending on the level of performance required or the load.

The central unit of the sorting system is the shoe sorter, which, depending on the performance requirement, is combined with an upstream Sawtooth Merge or Channelizer.

Learn more about the corresponding core components:  

Shoe Sorter

The application range of the shoe sorter is between 6,000 and 15,000 cartons/totes per hour. The design of the shoe sorter is based on the output, length, discharge angle and load. Due to the variety of models (including 22° or 27° out-feed transfer, parallel or conventional slide technology), the Natrix module fits perfectly into the respective complete system. 

Conventional and versatile push-off technique: Shoe Sorter

Sawtooth Merge

In order to attain corresponding output on the sorter, the load must first be merged on the sorter infeed. At high output, a Sawtooth Merge is used here. Our standardized system also offers a great deal of room for flexibility. This enables the overall system to be matched perfectly to the respective ambient conditions. 

Perfectly tunable and flexible thanks to our complete system: Sawtooth Merge


Our Channelizer is used for lower performance requirements. Two supply lines and the sorter overflow are merged. This standardized solution is the connecting link between the supply lines, sorter overflow and the downstream sorter. An output of up to 6,000 cartons/totes per hour is possible.

Low power requirements and high performance sorters: Channelizer

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