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Wellbeing and health require the corresponding products to be available at the right time and in the right place. That is what our intralogistics solutions are designed for. It's about more than just efficiency: above all else, it requires the highest quality in both processes and material flow.

We are your partner for process optimisation and automation of everything from production supply to goods distribution. Maximum availability, extreme flexibility, scalability, efficiency and optimal performance, as well as sustainable solutions, are at the heart of our intralogistics concepts. To ease the strain on employees, we place great value on ergonomic design and also enable full automation.

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  • High goods availability through efficient storage, the use of cutting-edge technology and excellent Lifetime Services support

  • Minimal error rate during order fulfilment thanks to special features

  • Reduced workload through increased productivity

  • Primed for growth thanks to a scalable and expandable design

  • Flexibility through intelligent design and software features (e.g. workforce management)


The health megatrend holds sway over a great many things in our lives, and consumer expectations are constantly on the rise. They expect that everything will not only be available everywhere all the time, but also in the highest quality and for a reasonable price. The demand that this places on logistics is extremely high, as it requires not only establishing a robust supply chain but also ensuring smooth goods distribution to the various locations where they are needed. And all this has to keep up with rapidly changing product ranges! A truly enormous challenge that must be overcome. 

Looking at the two areas of supplying chemists' shops vs. medical care facilities, the wide range of related complexities quickly becomes clear. It's not just about providing solutions for classic omni-channel commerce (B2C), but also about being able to achieve highly efficient production supply and goods distribution to professional customers (B2B).

TGW supports you in your endeavours to establish high-quality healthcare, and offers overall solutions that can live up to such high demands.

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Though the portion of turnover attributed to online sales has been rising over the past few years, stationary retail still accounts for the lion's share. Omni-channel solutions are the solutions of the future for distribution centres, since click-and-collect is also in high demand. For such circumstances, TGW recommends the tried and true FlashPick system as the key to smooth and fast omni-channel distribution. TGW's broad product range makes it possible to implement an ideally-suited overall solution that perfectly reflects all processes from goods receipt to dispatch, and ensures maximum efficiency.

All technologies are employed based on their strengths: mobile and stationary automation, software solutions that meet all requirements, not to mention a Lifetime Services concept that ensures enduring, high-performance operation.


The supplying of medical consumer products is an essential factor for the quality of the healthcare system. Security of supply and high quality are the top priority. This goal demands a perfectly-organised supply system in which the processes and material flow from production to the consumer play an important role. But it's not just about reliability and high quality standards: there's also efficiency, not to mention cost as an essential factor. TGW offers solutions that not only supply production reliably and efficiently, but also ensure effective goods distribution. Our broad technology portfolio, which can even be employed in temperature-controlled areas and below-freezing temperatures, makes it possible to implement both mobile and stationary automation and thus find and realise the ideal solution for any given set of requirements. Our Lifetime Services support you as you live up to high expectations of reliability and quality.

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