Some of our employees talk about their job and personal experiences at the international locations of TGW. They give exciting insights into their professional as well as private life and share their experiences. Read more about them within the following TGW Insights.

Our employee Robert talks about his job as a system designer and his personal experiences.

Dinámico, relevante y creativo

Runner y diseñador de sistemas Robert diseña soluciones logísticas automatizadas para nuestros clientes y disfruta del sol en Barcelona.
29. febrero 2024
Mike Stein Installation Manager TGW Insights

Our US colleague Mike and his job

Diversity, support and coaching take centre stage.
09. febrero 2024
TGW Insights: Dara Zang im Front-Office

Highly motivated by a diversified work environment

An interview with our colleague Dara, Head of Application Engineering & Mechanical Engineering at TGW China.
23. agosto 2023
José Manuel Rodriguez On Site Manger TGW Insights

Planificar, coordinar y ejecutar

José Manuel Rodríguez habla de su trabajo como Jefe de Obra y ofrece apasionantes pinceladas de su vida profesional y privada.
28. junio 2023
TGW insights: Resident Technical Spezialist Cameron works on site at URBN.

Teamwork, challenging, rewarding

A fascinating interview with Resident Technical Specialist Cameron Pinkerton about his work on-site at URBN, United Kingdom.
07. abril 2023
TGW Insights - Controls Systems Engineering Lead Madhura

Technical, rewarding, fun

Controls Systems Engineering Lead Madhura on trust and communication at TGW Systems Inc.
07. marzo 2023
TGW Insights Technical Training Manager Rultz explaining

Demanding, empowering, strategic

Interview with Rultz Raymond, Technical Training Manager, on raising skill sets and and experience as an actor.
15. febrero 2023
Field Service Engineer Pierre Nielson bei Bileko Car Parts (Mekonomen)

Inspection, maintenance, travelling.

Pierre Nilsson talks about his job as a Field Service Engineer and gives exciting insights into his professional life in Sweden.
18. enero 2023
TGW Insights: System Engineer Rene am Arbeitsplatz im Welas Park, Wels.

Seizing opportunities and giving back

Interview with System Engineer René Bachinger about uniting technology and creativity in his job at TGW.
13. diciembre 2022
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