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Efficient, seamless integration, intelligent

Fully automated split-case picking: With PickCenter RovoFlex you get an efficient, seamlessly integrated, and intelligent robot that constantly improves with every pick. It is a reliable asset in various sectors, including fashion & apparel, grocery or industrial & consumer goods

Our innovative hybrid picking solution allows you to switch between automatic and manual picking mode, which ensures smooth operation at all times. This helps maintain flexibility during peak seasons and hours.

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Shaping a smarter tomorrow

The RovoFlex system is an AI-powered self-learning robot equipped with advanced picking technology that continuously improves the picking process through AI. If an instance occurs where the robot fails to pick up an item, it is designed to automatically retry. This ensures consistent performance and reliability in your operations. 

Swarm intelligence plays a crucial role in enhancing the quality of robot picking by incorporating robot experiences  into the swarm and optimising robot models accordingly.

PickCenter RovoFlex revolutionises warehouse operations by measuring an article's dimensions in real-time, which eliminates the need for master data and its maintenance.

In conjunction with the RovoFlex App, it provides real-time visibility into your operations. This includes comprehensive statistics and analysis of key performance indicators (KPIs) and stock keeping units (SKUs), enabling efficient monitoring and management of your warehouse operations.  

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Unlocking Limitless Productivity

PickCenter RovoFlex enhances supply chain efficiency with a throughput up to 1,000 picks per hour, leveraging robust technology capable of handling diverse tasks and SKUs. It ensures pinpoint accuracy while handling items gently with low pressure, thereby minimising returns and enhancing customer satisfaction by helping to fulfil orders on time. 

With a focus on maximum system uptime, RovoFlex reduces the risk of bottlenecks through minimised labour dependence. It offers endless endurance without fatigue. 

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Discover Integration Excellence

PickCenter RovoFlex ensures scalable growth by allowing quick adaptation of processes or picking to changing customer requirements, with the flexibility to add robots at any time without having to change buildings, add space, or increase staff.

Beyond its use in combination with PickCenter, RovoFlex can be implemented in further use cases thanks to its configuration as a modular system, offering flexibility to meet your specific needs. It efficiently automates processes such as sorting, consolidation, and separation of goods, enhancing the productivity of your operations.

One of the key advantages of RovoFlex is its ease of integration into your existing system, which is accomplished in just a few days, minimising downtime and disruption. 

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Business Development Manager
TGW Logistics Group GmbH
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