SmartPocket: effizienter und skalierbarer Taschensorter gegen unvorhersehbares Bestellverhalten und Arbeitskräftemangel
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Revolutionary Pocket sorter: SmartPocket welcomes you to the future

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Discover the world of efficient intralogistics anew with our innovative hanging goods conveyor technology. SmartPocket relies on autonomous robots and enables you to scale your business quickly and easily, embracing the motto: "Stop paying for potential!" With low up-front investments and operating expenses, SmartPocket is an efficient and cost-effective solution that minimises investment risk. Step into a new era of e-commerce and stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Unpredictable ordering behaviour? - Pocket sorter

In a world where the development of different industries, unpredictable ordering behaviour and labour shortages have a detrimental effect on stability and the possibility of planning ahead, long-term investment decisions cause headaches for those who have to make them. They have to offer their customers a high level of service while at the same time guaranteeing maximum efficiency and reliability in order fulfilment. That is the only way to hold their own among the competition.

With the easily scalable and flexible SmartPocket pocket sorter from TGW, you can do just that. Our disruptive hanging goods conveyor uses autonomous, sensor-driven robots that travel independently along a system of intersecting rails toward their destinations. This innovative approach provides a lot of flexibility for system design and operation.

High scalability & optimal redundancy 

SmartPocket facilitates high scalability and optimal redundancy. This means that you can adapt your system precisely to the growth of your company. At the same time, redundancy ensures that your system continues to function reliably even in the case of failure of individual components. Idle time is significantly reduced.

With SmartPocket, you can react quickly and easily to changes and scale your business precisely to your needs. Customers can easily purchase increased performance in the form of additional modules. This can significantly reduce the initial CapEx, and recurrent operating expenses (OpEx) also remain low. Thus, the investment risk also dwindles and you stay one step ahead of the competition.

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Revolutionary Pocket sorter

  • UNIQUE SCALABILITY through the use of autonomous, sensor-driven robots that can be expanded with modular components at any time.

  • READY FOR OPERATION IN 6 MONTHS: Our plug-and-play concept permits simple installation and modification. Installation and commissioning times on-site are kept short, significantly reducing idle time.

  • TRUE FLEXIBILITY IN THE FACE OF UNFORESEEN CHANGES TO THE ORDER PROFILE: Our solution is well-suited for different channels, from e-commerce to retail. It is not at the mercy of order sizes and profiles.

  • CONSTANT PERFORMANCE regardless of your company's requirements.

  • THE SYSTEM GROWS WITH YOUR BUSINESS: The system is so easily scalable that it can grow alongside your company. It adapts flexibly to changing requirements so that you can be confident that your business operations will proceed smoothly and without interruption, even as your company grows.

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