dual employee participation at TGW.

Accepting responsibility


It is very important to TGW that every employee assumes responsibility and has a stake in the financial success of the company. The concept of Dual Employee Participation at TGW is based on a model that gives employees exactly that – and puts even more of the focus on the people.

Taking on responsibility and sharing in company success: We show our employees our appreciation for their personal dedication and offer them the individual choice of a personal perk.

How Dual Employee Participation works


Dual Employee Participation is a type of cafeteria model - employees can choose between various options and benefits and thus can share in TGW's success. The basis for the distribution is the EBIT (earnings before interest and taxes) of the past business year, ten percent of which is reserved for employee profit sharing. 

Employees can decide how to use the profit sharing payout depending on their current phase of life and individual needs. Currently, TGW employees can choose between a payout in money or a form of time. In future, the model will be expanded incrementally to include additional models.

Length of employment with the company is one of the criteria for the distribution. Independently of the employee's specific location or job description, the Dual Employee Participation is a shared approach that gives all employees a fair and transparent way of participating in the company's success.


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