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The owner of TGW is the TGW Future Private Foundation, which was brought to life by TGW founder Ludwig Szinicz in 2004. Along with "Focusing on People – Learning and Growing," the foundation serves as the framework for actions for both TGW and the charitable Future Wings projects. "TGW exists for people, namely for its employees and its customers. However, it does not exist for a financier or an owner who is interested solely in profits."

Since its establishment in 1969, TGW has evolved from a small fitter's shop into a leading international systems integrator. For the customers in our core industries of Fashion & Apparel, Grocery and Industrial & Consumer Goods, we plan, implement and maintain highly automated, efficient and future-proof fulfillment centers around the world – and solve our customers' supply chain challenges along the way. To do so, we build on strong partnerships at every stage, from planning to implementation to Lifetime Services.


TGW develops all essential components of its solutions in-house, including the software, control system, robotics and mechatronic modules. In doing so, we think beyond the boundaries of what is currently possible and embark on new paths. The vision of the autonomous fulfillment center gives us wings. We shape the future by creating innovations and pioneering technologies that set the standard for high performance in our industry. This claim is our hallmark and gives us continuous motivation.

The foundation-owned company currently has more than 3,700 employees on three continents and generated a revenue of 960 million US dollars in the 2019/20 fiscal year.

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