During the vacation weeks the "TGW Kids" conquer the headquarters of TGW
Holiday care

Holiday childcare TGWkids

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Who will take care of the children during summer vacation? TGW employees do not have to ask themselves this question: they simply bring their offspring to work. The little ones between the ages of five and eleven enjoy continuous care during all nine school vacation weeks, spending exciting days in the  TGW Evolution Park in Marchtrenk, Upper Austria.

The TGWkids' nine weeks of holiday childcare are another step towards a better balance of work and family in TGW's Austrian units, and are part of a whole range of programs and benefits.

TGWkids´ nine weeks of holiday childcare

Production, training workshops & Activity Garden

TGW and pedagogical specialists work together to achieve a child-friendly and varied programme centred around shared experience. The children immerse themselves in the world of technology, get an idea of their parents' work environment , and take trips to outdoor swimming pools, zoos or theme parks.

Playtime, arts and crafts, and both indoor and outdoor physical activities round out the programme. In addition, working together with the TGW future private foundation – owner of the TGW Logistics Group – brings charitable projects more and more into focus. Among other things, the children also address the topic of children's rights during the programme.

Childcare with a child-friendly and varied programme

The kids learn about, what TGW actually does in a fun and playful manner. The TGWkids holiday childcare programme is very popular, as evidenced by the number of registrations every year. Programmes that foster the work-family balance play a central role at TGW, fully in line with our philosophy of „Focusing on People – Learning and Growing“.

Showing the TGW work areas in a playful way


At TGW Zwergennest, our childcare facility at the Marchtrenk site, children of our employees can be looked after in crèche, kindergarten or age-extended groups from the age of one until they start school. 

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