Company child care facility

growth &

At the TGW Kindergarten ("TGW Zwergennest"), our company child care facility at the Marchtrenk location, our employees' children (from one year old to the beginning of school) are taken care of in the toddlers' group, nursery school and groups with additional age ranges. The focus is on individual growth and support – fully in line with our philosophy of "People in Focus – Learning and Growing". 

concept & support  

In collaboration with the University of Education Upper Austria, we have developed a concept that integrates various approaches to early childhood education. The children are cared for by several different caregivers depending on the group. This childcare philosophy makes it possible to deal with each child according to their needs and stages of development – having fun as well as eating, drinking and sleeping. 

The childcare philosophy is one that focuses on relationships, letting the children play and develop their movements autonomously – according to the three basic "Zwergennest" principles: sensitivity, relationship-based teaching and an approach based on dialogue. 

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