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Entrepreneurial action and social responsibility are inseparably linked at TGW. This is based on the philosophy of TGW founder Ludwig Szinicz (1939-2017), "Focusing on People – Learning and Growing". This is the guideline for the entire TGW world, including our owner, the TGW Future Private Foundation, Future Wings with the charitable projects and us as a foundation-owned company. We meet our social responsibility in three ways, with a comprehensive approach. 

Firstly, the statutes of the foundation that owns our company state that TGW must never be sold and will always remain under the foundation's ownership. Two-thirds of profits are retained and stay in the company. All of this is intended to help TGW act in an environment of lasting stability and offer its employees jobs that are as secure as possible.



In addition, charitable commitment plays an equally relevant role for our owner in addition to TGW as the business centerpiece. Therefore, at least ten percent of the profits earned by TGW Logistics Group are set aside annually by the owner for the charitable Future Wings. Future Wings is focused on educational innovations and developing young people with a comprehensive view of the person as an individual.

As part of its commitment to society, TGW also supports various charitable initiatives and social projects as well as aid organizations in our immediate environment. Because teamwork plays a central role in the company, we also support select teams and leagues with sponsorships and donations. Here, too, the focus is on instruction and further training – particularly as part of our work with young people.

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Future Wings

Since 2007, Future Wings has been initiating and supporting non-profit projects committed to "Focusing on People – Learning and Growing". The projects include the necessary space to gain both professional expertise and social skills. They are all about supporting the personal development of young people, so that they can live independently, autonomously and responsibly. The intention is for society to also benefit from these educational innovations.

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Sueniños is a socially oriented training project in the state of Chiapas in southern Mexico. Children and young people from ages 9 to 25 take part in a comprehensive educational programme and receive support in developing their personality. They can finish school and get trained as a carpenter, food server or cook. This gives them a chance to escape poverty and create their own future.

Start: 2005

Location: San Cristóbal de las Casas | Chiapas (Mexico


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Sueninos - Ein Projekt der TGW Future Wings-Stifung


The CAP. training programme allows high school students to complete a mechatronics engineering apprenticeship while attending secondary school. 

The goal is to provide young people with technical skills, prepare them for the challenges of life in the economy, as well as to give them new perspectives for their future educational path. 

Start: 2010

Location: Upper Austria


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CAP. - Ein Projekt der TGW Future Wings-Stiftung


Learning with enthusiasm – achievement with joy. The B.E.L. private primary school provides children from 1st to 4th grade with an educational environment supporting their overall development and individually promoting their personal fulfilment. Alternative teaching and learning concepts are used in addition to conventional instructional methods. This creates the foundation for a successful path of the children at school, in their careers and in life.

Start: 2013

Location: Linz (Upper Austria)


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B.E.L. - Ein Projekt der TGW Future Wings-Stiftung

Monkey Motion

An exercise programme called "MoMo – Monkey Motion" is directed towards children in primary school. Child-friendly exercises are intended to awaken enthusiasm for movement and promote the development of motor skills. Raising awareness among the children for a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet is another central aspect.

Start: 2014

Location: Upper Austria


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People who are interested in analogue and digital technologies can bring their ideas to life and implement projects together at an innovation workshop of more than 4,000 m² at the Tabakfabrik Linz, the former tobacco factory. The GRAND GARAGE helps develop abilities in a variety of technical fields – from 3D printing to welding. In this environment, young people can develop and network with specialists, educational institutions and companies.

Start: 2019

Location: Linz (Upper Austria)


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