Higher Profits From Efficient Fulfillment

High-performance Fulfillment Solutions For e-Grocery

Come along as we journey into the world of online grocery retail in this eGrocery conversation. Along the way, we will highlight trends, challenges and solutions in this high-growth segment.

Since the profitability of many business models currently leaves much to be desired, there is an acute need for improvement. After all, those who have the expertise to combine the strengths of brick-and-mortar retailing with the advantages of e-commerce to create a seamless omnichannel offering for customers will ensure that their company is successful over the long term.

Fast and efficient picking of customer orders plays a decisive role here – indeed, it is the biggest cost factor aside from the last mile. Automation is essential in keeping the financial costs under control. Many studies demonstrate this impressively.

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When the supermarket comes to the customer: Frederik and David about partnership and key figures of the fulfillment centre.

Picnic - Video Interview

When the supermarket comes to the customer: Frederik Nieuwenhuys (Co-Founder & Managing Director of Picnic) and David Hibbett (CEO at TGW Northern Europe) in conversation.
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