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We make it happen... the ideal automated warehouse solution for companies in the industrial equipment area - with the right degree of automation that is best for you. You benefit from more efficient workflows, ensuring that accessories and equipment are delivered quickly and reliably to your partners in industry and retail. Working together, we plan a customized and reliable fulfillment solution, taking into account the specific storage system, the ergonomic design of workstations, technologies for palletizing and robotics as well as a highly integrated software. This enables you to fulfill your orders more efficiently, reduce labor expenses and minimize operating costs.

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  • MODERNIZATION & EASY EXPANSION of existing systems due to flexible and modular design

  • OMNI-CHANNEL due to process improvement for all distribution channels (direct, retail/wholesale)

  • EFFICIENT HANDLING regardless of consignee (production, construction site, workshop, DIY shop, etc.) and shipping unit (pallet, carton, …) 

  • 60% HIGHER PERFORMANCE due to various automation & robotics concepts

  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY without loss of productivity for changing order profiles and growing SKU range


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