On Site Service by LTS.

On-site service packages


You chose the scope of on-site services – and our reliable experts take care of everything you need. Our lifetime service package guarantees foreseeable operating costs, with a duration of up to 10 years. Combined with the necessary expertise for continuous improvements as well as flexible enhancements throughout the entire duration.

Our on-site service packages – tailored to your needs

From Go-live support during the initial months to long-term comprehensive worry-free packages and even seasonal peak support and digital value-added services…



Temporary on-site support by TGW specialists, especially during the start-up phase (go-live). Our technician is the interface between the project team and the TGW Lifetime Services Support Organization. 

Within these first months we provide the necessary training to ensure that your employees have the technical skills to independently maintain your system.

Temporary support by TGW specialists on site


TGW Resident Engineers work in close collaboration with your employees and are seamlessly integrated in your maintenance team. Service Level Agreement (SLA) provide transparency for both sides. The on-site TGW engineer is the first contact person for our services and additionally coordinates maintenance and repair tasks as well as spare parts management.

TGW Resident Engineers work hand in hand with your employees


With this full service package, we take over full responsibility for both the operational servicing of your system as well as all maintenance, repair and inspection tasks.

Continuous improvements activities allow us to keep the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) under control. What does that mean for you? Transparency and predictable maintenance costs for up to 10 years – a unique offer in the industry.

Full Service Paket für die Instandhaltung Ihrer Anlage




You want to meet the highest demands of your customers, also during peak times? In order to prepare for bottlenecks and shortfalls, we offer what we call our Peak Support. When business really picks up, you will be on the safe side from a technical standpoint.

tgw smart services: cmms

A Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) is a piece of software that ensures continuous, top-notch efficiency. In particular, this includes the forecast, planning and evaluation of all maintenance tasks. Learn more about the maintenance tool for the_digitalization of_your maintenance_processes.

Ein Computerised Maintenance Management System (CMMS) ist eine Software, die für beständige und leistungsstarke Effizienz sorgt


For a predefined period, our specialized TGW engineers will provide support to your maintenance team on site, to meet your demands – in the event of personnel bottlenecks, mechanical or organizational restructuring, when performing complex tasks, for training purposes, etc.


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