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Does your current automated warehouse solution reach its limits or is it out of date? Do you want to offer your customers additional service or added value? To take full advantage of your potential or even expand it if necessary, we work together to create a cost-effective and high-performance alternative to a new purchase. Our retrofit services include processes, software, control or mechanical systems. They range all the way from individual replacement units, minimal adaptations, modifications and updates to optimization of your processes and even comprehensive extensions of the system. Our claim is to provide intralogistics that can be adapted to the changing basic conditions for the long term.

TGW Lifetime Services - customised services for intralogistics.
Tailored services for
material handling 
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  • CONSULTATION from experienced TGW specialists

  • OPTIMIZED processes and workflows

  • BOOSTED AND STABLE PERFORMANCE of your system: Today and tomorrow 





highest system availability

Is your system out-of-date in terms of technology, worn out by constant operation or unable to keep up with functional demands? Our retrofit experts bring your system back up to speed. Our individual services:

  • During the site health check, we review and analyze the requirements of your material handling system
  • By offering individualized workshops, we look at your system as a whole in order to identify potential improvements and to recognize and avoid bottlenecks
  • We take a close look at the material flow and evaluate the data with regard to optimization potential
  • Continuous improvement measures
  • Optimization of processes and WMS/WCS/MFC 
  • Replacement of individual products (1:1) 
  • Adaptation of mechanical, IT and controls components
  • We extend your system with powerful state-of-the-art solutions
  • Our solutions adapt quickly and flexibly whenever basic conditions have been changed (throughput numbers, safety standards, etc.) 
  • Our experts combine existing and new systems with intelligent interfaces
  • We define a detailed implementation plan to reduce downtime to a minimum
  • Exchange of wear parts 
  • Update of TGW and third-party software and IT hardware 
  • Adapting intralogistics to meet new standards
  • We identify and implement measures to keep system availability at a consistently high level
  • TGW SMARTMAST: Automatic positioning system for storage and retrieval machines 


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