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Our customers benefit from proven systems and high-quality products for their fulfillment  processes as well as intelligent software solutions - including everything from goods receipt to storage and order picking to goods issue. Our solutions are based on standardized modules, which we individually evolve, implement and automate to the greatest extent possible. This ensures that they meet your requirements both today and in the future.  

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Smart fulfillment systems: Fast and flexible for your intralogistics.


KingDrive is TGW's conveyor system for totes, trays, cartons and polybags.

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Know-How & Innovation form our unique software solution for you.

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Optimum goods flow and low costs per pick: We take a comprehensive view of projects over their entire life cycle - from design to manufacturing and implementation to Lifetime Services, with a constant focus on Total Cost of Ownership. Learn more about the ROI advantage in warehouse automation and our warranty period of up to 10 years, which is unmatched in the industry.  

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Total Cost of Ownership
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RovoFlex is the Material Handling Innovation of the Year

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Automated pocket sorter - smart pocket sorter systems.
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