Shuttle systems: Our high-performance shuttle solutions for your intralogistics.
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For 50 years we have been developing and manufacturing highly automated material handling products on three continents (Europe, China, USA). Our products and modules stand for pioneering spirit and robustness and make our customers even better in what they do.

Our products for conveying, storage and retrieval, order picking and (de)palletizing of goods are the lowest common denominator of our total solutions, which make TGW one of the leading suppliers in warehouse automation.

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We produce the individual components and modules of our complete solutions at our own highly advanced manufacturing plants in Europe, the USA and China. This includes conveying, sorting and storage systems as well as robot solutions and high-capacity picking workstations. Experience and expertise – for more than 50 years.

Precise and qualitative intralogistics for your high-performance conveyors and sorters.

Conveyors & Sorters

Cognitive robotics and as well as machine learning form a fully automated picking solution.

Piece Picking Robot &

Our dynamic, efficient and flexible Shuttle and Automatic Mini-Load System.

Automatic Storage Systems

Full case picking with our (De) Palletizing Systems.


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