Precise and qualitative intralogistics for your high-performance conveyors and sorters.
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We develop, design and manufacture conveyors and sorters with the highest precision and quality. Our products are modular and scalable allowing you to integrate them within any system – enabling smooth and high-performance processes in your warehouse. 

High-quality individual components ensure maximum efficiency and throughput. Conveying and sorting with state-of-the-art technology. Learn more about our wide range of solutions and the individual products:

KingDrive is TGW's conveyor system for totes, trays, cartons and polybags.

Carton & Tote Conveyors

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Natrix Sorter

Bestellen Sie online? Dann sind ihre Produkte in Weichverpackungen in Form von Polybag, Paperbag oder Versandtasche bestimmt auch bereits über unsere Fördertechnik transportiert worden.

Conveyor technology for
Soft packaging

Highly integrated and perfectly matched components form your customized modular solution.

Unit Load Conveyors

Robust technology and simple operation for your conveyor equipment roll cages.

Roll Cage Conveyors

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