Highly integrated and perfectly matched components form your customized modular solution.
Conveyor system

Pallets - Conveying, Lifting, Rotating


Our customers benefit from a wide and sophisticated range of modular products for pallet handling. The modular construction makes individual adaptation possible. Whether the application is conveying, lifting or turning, the central elements are our high-performance roller, chain and accumulating conveyors.

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  • LOW NOISE EMISSIONS provided by the use of a duplex chain 

  • WIDE RANGE OF APPLICATIONS due to our many years of project experience, we can offer a solution for any pallet and pallet cage variant

  • CUSTOMIZED MODULAR SOLUTIONS based on a diverse and reliable product range

  • HIGH SYSTEM PERFORMANCE with perfectly matched and highly integrated components

  • MAXIMUM SYSTEM AVAILABILITY through the use of technologies to check and verify loads 

  • MINIMUM MAINTENANCE EFFORT thanks to low wear and elaborate maintenance concepts 

Unit Load Conveyors


Maximum performance with minimum Total Cost of Ownership: Our perfectly matched product range is the result of many years of project experience in pallet handling and our sophisticated technology. 

Our unit load conveyors are suitable for loads up to 3,300 lbs and for temperatures between -22 °F and +104 °F. An elaborate product concept ensures safe and gentle transport of your goods - whether for conveying, lifting, infeed or discharge...

Gentle duplex chain

Double chain guide for larger pallet contact surface ensures gentle and quiet transport

Hand wheel for chain tensioning

Operation via hand wheel enables precise adjustment of the chain tension for minimal wear

Overlapping chain track

Gentle transfer of the pallets without hiccups or jerking

Roller Conveyor

  • Lengthwise transport 
  • Speed: up to 1.48 ft/s
  • Load dimensions: 47 x 47 in 
  • Weight: max. 3,300 lbs
  • Optionally with fork clearance check 

Chain Conveyor

  • Crosswise and lengthwise transport 
  • Speed: up to 1.48 ft/s 
  • Load dimensions: 47 x 47 in 
  • Weight: max. 3,300 lbs

Lift table

  • High-performance transfer unit from chain conveyor to roller conveyor 
  • Speed: up to 1.48 ft/s 
  • Load dimensions: 47 x 47 in
  • Weight: max. 3,300 lbs

Chain Transfer

  • High-performance transfer unit from roller conveyor to chain conveyor 
  • Speed: up to 1.48 ft/s 
  • Load dimensions: 47 x 47 in 
  • Weight: max. 3,300 lbs


  • Reversing and changing the direction of pallets 
  • Speed: up to 1.48 ft/s 
  • Load dimensions: 47 x 47 in
  • Weight: max. 2,750 lbs 

SRM Handover

  • Making the pallet available for transfer to a storage and retrieval machine 
  • Load dimensions: 47 x 39 in
  • Weight: max. 3,300 lbs

Pallet Lift

  • Vertical conveyor unit with roller or chain load handling device 
  • Lifting height: 20 m 
  • Load dimensions: 47 x 47 in 
  • Weight: max. 2,650 lbs 


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