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WERX is smart, flexible software that puts you in complete control of your warehouse. Developed alongside TGW’s expert automation teams, the powerful WERX wms software suite drives some of the world’s leading intralogistics businesses, is built to adapt to changing demands and is the software partner that helps you to keep your promises.

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Delivering your warehouse, your way.

  • A core platform engineered to adapt
  • Continuous data-driven innovation and improvement
  • Globally supported by 750 software experts from 69 nations in 24 units
  • Developed by the world’s finest automation experts
  • Teams of industry specialists and solutions driving some of the world’s leading brands
  • Supported during the entire lifetime of a system 

Mature modular and evolvable products

25 years in the making – a world-class wms software with flexibility as standard.

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Configured your way...

Evolve our stable core platform with modular components for whatever the business environment throws at you.

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Deployed worldwide

With 24 units worldwide and over 4,400 specialists including 750 digital experts, we are never far away from our customers.

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An expert partner

Our warehouse automation software is developed in parallel with TGW’s world-class mechatronics to bring you one solution, integrated by one expert team.

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Industry specific excellence

Find out why the world's leading brands trust us to enable them to keep their promises. 

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Partnering for the whole journey

Working together to refine, protect, and grow your business

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Warehouse automation software

Mature modular & evolvable products

  • TRUSTED CORE PLATFORM A stable, proven core platform lays the foundation for our standardised modular components.

  • STANDARDIZED MODULAR COMPONENTS Our suite of integrated modular software components enriches the core platform. Based on a principle of distributed intelligence, our components provide standardized, autonomous support of required business processes and sub-processes. Developed and maintained in conjunction with automated equipment at the module, system and robot/machine levels, our proven components can be deployed alone or integrated for broader application via our platform framework.

  • GRANULAR SCALING Enabled by a stringent, structured approach to APIs, data management, monitoring, and software deployment. Our scaling model represents an industry-leading approach with the flexibility to incrementally add technologies, functions, features, and refinements without affecting the core platform.

Efficient operations, process optimization, and personnel management are at the core of our solutions (features):

  • Logistics Process Management
  • Warehouse Management
  • Material Flow & Emulation Simulation Modes

Digital automation control (features):

  • Modular Automation Controllers
  • Integrated SCADA
  • Camera Detection
  • Error Recommender

Our solutions provide you with control over your operations, enabling effective management and optimization of your processes. With digital automation and precise control technology, we set standards for efficient and forward-looking operations.

Unlocking valuable insights and optimizations across processes, personnel, and automation:

Harnessing the power of data, we provide actionable insights and optimizations spanning processes, workforce, and automated systems (features):

  • Digital Assistants
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Operational Simulation

We are dedicated to ensuring that our solutions remain current, adaptable, responsive, and secure. Our partner services include:

  • Cyber Security Services
  • Data Analytics
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Operational Optimization for cost reduction and energy savings

Empowering your operations with comprehensive data insights is our mission. With a common underlying data layer driving all software functions, we offer:

  • Aggregated data
  • Hybrid cloud or local deployment options
  • Robust data management and insights toolkit

Our SAP EWM solutions are designed to make your warehouse management system more efficient, precise and flexible. Use one system to control your entire warehouse.

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Configured your way

For the lifetime of the system

Solutions that are ready to evolve

Be ready for whatever the business environment throws at you.  The commercial landscape is constantly changing and the demands on warehouse management systems evolve over time in ways that aren’t always predictable. Our warehouse automation software is the solution that allows for incremental innovation and adjustment without revising core functions and operations.

WERX is designed to support this agility and adaptation, because innovations, solutions, and technologies can be added as modules during the entire lifetime of the system.

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WERX Lagerverwaltungssystem - nach Ihren Wünschen konfiguriert
Speaking your language

Deployed Worldwide

A truly global player in the material handling industry, our warehouse automation software is developed and supported in multiple languages from a network of business units spread worldwide.

With 24 units in Europe, the US and in Asia, from Wels to Paris and from Atlanta to Shanghai, we are never far away from our customers. Worldwide, more than 4,400 specialists, including 750 digital experts from 69 nations work for TGW – providing their experience, expertise and dedication.

Putting heads together

More than 750 digital experts are passionate about developing our wms software and digital solutions for customers the world over.

Global Support

With 24 units in Europe, the US and Asia, from Wels to Paris and from Atlanta to Shanghai, we are never far away from our customers.

Speaking your language

Worldwide, more than 4,400 specialists from 69 nations work for TGW, providing their experience, expertise, and dedication.

Automation everywhere

An expert partner

We are a company with automation in our DNA, developing solutions through close collaboration with industry partners and leveraging that experience to develop resilient systems that endure over time.

We have a proud history and a stellar reputation in the industry for delivering automation solutions. Our software, which has been 25 years in the making, has been developed in cooperation with our expert engineering teams to meet the same standards of excellence you have come to expect from TGW.


Software & IT @TGW

TGW Insights Simulation Engineer Florian Himmelbauer


Our warehouse automation software is seamlessly developed and integrated together with our market-leading mechatronic modules, ensuring maximum connectivity.


Developed over 25 years in parallel with the industry’s best mechatronics, our wms software delivers seamless integration to some of the world’s most valued brands.


More than 25,000 users put our wms systems through their paces, helping us innovate and adapt to changing demands.


In our international projects, we install around 160,000 meters of high-performance and energy-efficient conveying wms systems per year.


Currently, 125 specialists work on the development and production of our highly automated robotics solutions.


The highest-output fulfillment center planned and implemented by TGW can send up to 500,000 packages a day.

Industry specific excellence

Our software drives some of the world’s leading grocery, fashion, and FMCG brands. Customers in these sectors trust our wms software to provide the industry-specific features and analytics they need to deliver for their customers. With many returning customers and more than 500 projects under our belt, we have a proven track record across key industries.

Many years of navigating the distinct challenges presented by these sectors make us a reliable ally for businesses looking to stay ahead in an ever-evolving landscape. These experience-driven insights and flexible technologies set us apart and are key to forging partnerships built on sustained growth and trust.

Mango distribution center uses software by TGW


Decathlon uses TGW software for distribution center


PUMA distribution center uses software by TGW


Online giant Zalando will install a brand new logistics centre in Lahr, Germany, together with TGW


Nordfrost distribution center uses software by TGW



Coop Tiefkühl Temperaturzonen Automatisierungslösung


Picnic distribution center uses software by TGW



Thomann Musikhaus Distribution Center uses TGW software


Leroy Merlin Video Preview

Leroy Merlin

Kellner & Kunz

Refine, protect & grow

Partnering for the whole journey

TGW is a foundation-owned company that invests in its community for future growth and innovation. TGW cannot be sold, and the majority of our profits are reinvested in our people and the technologies of tomorrow. As a reliable partner with a long-term mindset, our commitment goes beyond the initial integration. 

Our support services are designed to accompany customers throughout the entire life span of their warehouse management system, help them to navigate changes in the business environment, and take a proactive approach to supporting customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We take our commitment to robust cyber security for both our customers’ and our own businesses very seriously. It has been a driving factor for our investment in a single standardized core platform which can be more securely maintained, upgraded, and protected.

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TGW offers an optimized logistics process with SAP.

SAP EWM solutions

TGW Connected Warehouse Platform enriches data from TGW's own components with those of third-party suppliers.

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