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LivePick is our cutting-edge solution for goods-to-person order fulfillment. Whether you're in e-commerce or retail, LivePick is suitable for all sales channels and streamlines the picking process for different business profiles. LivePick integrates seamlessly into both small and medium-sized systems, giving your business the boost it needs to thrive.

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LivePick provides a modular and scalable solution designed to meet a wide of requirements flexibly.  The use of mobile robots ensures fast and reliable transport of goods within the warehouse, adapting seamlessly to changing needs.

With our plug-and-play approach, the system can be expanded or downsized independently on both the storage and order fulfillment sides, all while keeping the impact on live operation to a minimum. The addition of extra robots increases the number of orders fulfilled, while storage capacity can be easily expanded by adding aisles or extending their length.


In e-commerce, wholesale and retail settings alike, LivePick serves all channels and efficiently accesses storage locations, thus minimizing goods relocation. 1:1 picking fosters high levels of accuracy, ergonomics and performance even in the event of unforeseen changes to order profiles: our flexible target sequencer allows the system to adapt intelligently to such complications.

LivePick can be quickly scaled to accommodate changing order volumes. As customer demands increase, you can seamlessly add more target robots to the system. The use of fully pre-commissioned AGVs significantly reduces on-site commissioning time, meaning that the whole order fulfillment system can be ready for operation within six to twelve months of signing the contract. This efficiency leads to shorter delivery times and improved service levels for end customers.


The central software control system, which links all components, facilitates the seamless integration of end-to-end solutions into customers' logistics processes. The system employs versatile target robots that can handle different tote and carton sizes and effectively combines various warehouse processes.


Not only can TGW boast more than 50 years of industry experience but has also established itself as a global systems integrator over the past 15+ years. Our deep understanding of real-world operation and the functioning of automated systems allows us to offer a holistic view when providing solutions tailored to specific customer orders. 

Our commitment to customer satisfaction doesn't end after integration, but rather continues in the form of our 24/7 Lifetime Services. This ensures continuous system safety and operational excellence. As your trusted partner, TGW ensures the reliability and robustness you need from your system and also maintains smooth day-to-day operation.

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  • INSTALLATION WITHIN 6-12 MONTHS Our plug-and-play approach allows for easy installation and modifications. On-site installation and commissioning times are kept short.

  • GROWS ALONGSIDE YOUR BUSINESS and adapts flexibly to its needs. Our solution can be seamlessly scaled to match your business as it expands, allowing you to meet growing demands without disrupting live operation.

  • TRUE FLEXIBILITY IN THE FACE OF UNFORESEEN ORDER PROFILE CHANGES It serves various channels, from e-commerce to retail, and consistently delivers high performance while remaining unaffected by variations in order size or profile.

  • PICK & PACK and ON DEMAND PACKAGING minimize manual operations.

  • SIMULATION OF REAL OPERATION with the highest accuracy offers a real benefit at the order fulfillment level

  • 24/7 TGW SUPPORT as single point of contact

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