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What do Puma, Zalando and Nordfrost have in common? Us! Or more precisely: our highly-automated intra-logistics solutions. We help our international customers achieve greater efficiency, agility and success. That's where YOU come in. 

With your passion for IT and software, you will breathe new life into our systems. You will give them the power they need, the boost that moves us forward as a company. And the best part is: you will always be part of a strong project team. 

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Software & IT AT TGW
  • Over 4,400 employees drive TGW forward – more than 700 of them work in IT and software.

  • International customers, international company: you can find us all around the world, in a total of 24 locations

  • 350 software specialists are working on solutions for the future, more than 100 of them at our Austrian locations.

  • 350 IT experts are contributing their expertise, about 220 of them in Austria.


Delve into our career fields and discover unimagined possibilities! Whether in the area of IT or software, our positions are many and varied and just waiting for a motivated team player like YOU to tackle them and fill them with life and expertise. 

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Immerse yourself in our areas and discover possibilities.
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"We keep your business running" is not only our promise to our customers, but also our motto in this area: in addition to the realisation of our innovative intra-logistics systems, we put great emphasis on customer support and the upkeep and maintenance of those systems. In short: fascinating and varied challenges await you here, such as IT commissioning, IT support, service operations & customer support IT, intelligent material flow and software product management.


Our internal IT team is subdivided into 5 competence centres and encompasses not only organisational development but also the areas of SAP, IT infrastructure, IT architecture and security as well as 2nd and 3rd level support. The teams offer worldwide IT services and work daily to provide optimal support for our business processes. 

Alongside providing the infrastructure, process consulting and project management, they also handle the design and implementation of new tools in keeping with the IT strategy.


This is the area dedicated to the development of the engineering tools necessary for designing and implementing intra-logistics solutions. These tools are regularly reworked, improved and modernised – but that's not all! This exciting area also involves master data management for our TGW products and the "single point of truth" principle.

Our Global Controls Tool Development division provides 3D tools for the virtual commissioning of customer systems. These are used in our units and projects around the world.


Software developers in the area of simulation allow systems experts to gain detailed insight into our large and complex systems. One of the biggest priorities here is the ongoing development of the systems, of our framework and of the tools that we use for simulation.


Do you love to model hardware as true to the original as possible? In other words, is emulation right up your alley? That's great! Among other things, this area focusses on the new and further development of emulation elements, tools and plug-ins, a cloud service and much more. Our tech stack includes C# .Net, ReSharper, SonarQube and other programming languages.


Fascinating concepts, an even more fascinating undertaking! 

The Digital Core is a supplement to our existing software product portfolio and addresses digitalisation.

For example, we are developing a cloud platform for digital assistants to support our customers in the operation of their intra-logistics systems. 

Cognitive Systems places special emphasis on stationary and mobile robotics. To name one example, this is where we develop the process control and coordination software for the PickCenter Rovolution – our fully-automated robotic picking solution. 

In the area of Machine Learning, data science experts concentrate on data pattern recognition, AI-supported decision making for material flow and warehouse management, and AI-supported image recognition and processing.


One for all and all for one! At TGW we all pitch in. As the saying goes: teamwork makes the dream work – all of our colleagues here feel that way. Working together not only makes it easier to make good headway and reach our goals – it also makes coffee and lunch breaks twice as enjoyable.

Our motley crew is looking forward to meeting you!

Alex, Software Architecture

Alex, Software Architecture

Network, framework, teamwork – makes the dream work. Ever present: Alex is our motivator, supporter, encourager. 

Though he no longer does programming himself, there's always something new going on in Alex's day-to-day work. That's the way it is in the world of software: there's always something to do and if anyone is bubbling over with the developing spirit, it's Alex. Just take Alex as the boss, mix in a good dollop of design freedom, add plenty of creativity and a large portion of trust, et voilà: you have the perfect recipe for achieving great success as a team. 

Or as Alex would say: "May the Force be with you, always!" 


Portrait of Alexander Mann with Yoda (Warehouse architect).

Kristina, Software Trainer

Kristina, Software Trainer

Learning, growing, moving: Kristina pulls out all the stops when it comes to sharing her knowledge! 

Software is just as exciting as it is complex and it requires the right expertise to achieve great things. That's where Kristina comes in: she and other experts make sure that the TGW software teams receive the right training to reach their goals. 

She expands horizons in her private life as well – namely her own. Whether a relaxing holiday by the sea or a quick city visit, Kristina is up for anything and loves travelling and exploring new places.

TGW IT Recruiting Portrait of Kristina Manojlovic (Software Trainer).

Klaus, Software Architecture

Klaus, Software Architecture

Front end, back end, weekend – Klaus sees that as the perfect combo. Sound good? We think so too! 

Whether large or small: Klaus works on all sorts of different software projects, creating concepts that support others in their work. He evaluates technologies, accelerates APIs and codes, and coaxes the best performance out of each and every compiler. 

The creativity and excitement don't stop after work: once Klaus sits down in front of his Xbox, there's no stopping him. Sometimes this involves decidedly verbal emotional expression. Or rather, constructive criticism for the console? #klauscandoit! 

IT Recruiting Portrait of Klaus Linzner with console (Software Architect).

Bernhard, Software Development

Bernhard, Software Development

Always looking ahead, banding together, caring for the kiddos: Bernhard knows his ABCs! 

Bernhard loves software development, but what he loves even more is making sure each and every person recognises and taps their full potential. His 8-member team's excitement is rivaled only by that of his daughters when their rubber ducky appears in the bathtub. Bath time without the ducky just wouldn't do. And neither would a job that doesn't allow time for the family. TGW's array of benefits makes it possible to reconcile that. Even the ducky is on board!

Portrait of Bernhard Paschinger with duck (Software Developement).

Astrid, Software Development

Astrid, Software Development

Software, hardware, self care – in other words: nourishing both heart and mind!

Creating new things is Astrid's great passion. Developing power courses through her veins. Testing prototype software, developing innovative software tools, the agile way of working and strong team spirit really give her heart wings. 

She thrives on growth at home as well, but in a more relaxed manner: one look at her garden can make anyone's heart sing. Not only Astrid's, but ours as well. 

IT Recruiting Portrait of Astrid Ehrnleitner with flowers (Developer Software Tools).

Michael, Software Quality

Michael, Software Quality

Configuring, programming, implementing. Locating errors, making progress, having great experiences. Michael knows just the ingredients to brew up a meaningful job! 

If our software could talk, it would say: "Thx Michael – for making me the best version of myself every day!" Michael raises our software quality to a whole new level, step by step. But that's not all: as a passionate beer sommelier, he is an expert in quality assurance, clean operation and successive processes in his private life as well. And of course in beer – an awesome combination! Michael just smiles and turns his attention to his well-earned, error-free evening beer. 

IT Recruiting Portrait of Michael Herceg with apple juice (Manager Software Quality).

Günther, Process Management Software

Günther, Process Management Software

Automation, collaboration – do you find them as fascinating as Günther does? 

Günther rocks our IT world! When he has the chance to develop something, he's really in the groove – and his team get swept along by his passion and motivation as well. What are the most rewarding achievements? That's right: the ones you can share with others. 

But it's not just Günther's performance at work that has us mesmerised: onstage, he and his friends enthral audiences time and again. All we have to say is: keep it up & #rockon, Günther! 

IT Recuiting Portrait of Günther Huemer with guitar (Main Process Manager).

Jürgen, Software Development

Jürgen, Software Development

Maintaining a sense of the big picture in the midst of complex details? Easy for Jürgen! Together with his team, he develops masterful software and digital services: his virtual models simulate the behaviour of the biggest industry systems in the world. Sound cool? It is. 

And our simulation professional's knowledge isn't limited to software. He is known to always be "up, up, up to date!" Jürgen stays on the ball regarding other topics as well, allowing his knowledge and skills to coalesce. #thereisalwaysmoretolearn

IT Recruiting Portrait of Jürgen with book (Manager Software Development Simulation).

Pascal, Development Cognitive Systems

Pascal, Development Cognitive Systems

Keyboard, touch board, snowboard. Allow us to introduce: Pascal, our Mobile Robotics Software Lord. 

A cool title, and an even cooler job: Pascal breathes – or rather, programmes – life into the TGW robots. He not only prepares our software for the market, but also speaks the language of our robots. Sound complicated? Not for Pascal; he even dedicates his free time to small software projects. 

But what he can't do without, neither in his professional or private life, is music – and lots of it! Programming works best when accompanied by the right beat, and when Pascal is ready to power down, then it's time for more soothing tones. 

IT Recruiting Portrait of Pascal Möller with headphones (Senior Developer).

Petra, Product Owner

Petra, Product Owner

Technical, analytical, communicative. In other words: a meaningful job. In other words: just the right fit for Petra!

Perhaps the P in Petra's name stands for "passionate product owner"? It certainly doesn't seem far-fetched – she has plenty of passion for her field and there's no shortage of products and projects. No shortage of perception either, which Petra effortlessly incorporates into her role as liaison between developers and departments. 

The talented violinist knows just what notes to play to maintain harmony. In short: together, the team keeps perfect time!

IT Recruiting Portrait of Petra with violin (Simulation Product owner).

TGW is more than a strong company. We are: true team spirit and exciting projects. A place that focusses on people and applies flexibility and agility, where creative ideas are brought to life, fresh brain food awaits you daily, you can burn off energy, your kids are close by, etc. etc. etc. See for yourself!

All benefits at a glance. And they are certainly worth seeing. 

Training & development

Training & development

Through our comprehensive training concept, lifelong learning and growth in both professional and personal terms are firmly embedded in our company philosophy. We therefore offer our employees a wide range of additional training opportunities, in the form of both face-to-face trainings and eLearning courses: 

  • International trainings offered by the TGW Academy, especially in the areas of technical competence training, personal development, management development and much more.
  • Local training programmes
  • Extensive onboarding programmes for new employees: coaching, mentoring, buddy system, information about eLearning courses, management training, personal development interviews and much more.
  • Scholarships, internships and supervision for master theses & final year projects
  • Apprenticeship training 
further development & training, education and training, lifelong learning

Dual employee participation

Dual employee participation

Taking on responsibility and partaking in the success of the company: that duality lies at the heart of TGW's dual employee participation. We very much appreciate our employees' commitment, so at the end of a successful business year we offer each employee the choice between three options: money, additional days of leave or attractive healthcare options.


With dual employee participation, every employee at TGW can choose between money or time.

Catering & employee restaurant

Catering & employee restaurant

Employee restaurants, working cafés and fresh fruit ensure the well-being of our employees by providing them with sufficient energy during their workday.

There is a staff restaurant/ a canteen and/or a kitchen for staff catering.

Team & community


Collaboration in multicultural teams across departments is of central importance throughout the entire TGW Group. We appreciate each individual's contribution and treat each other with friendliness and respect. By treating each other with high regard, we lay the foundation for a trusting relationship. Thus we live and work in an error culture of open feedback. We see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow together.


Benefit: the team and the personal working environment are very important at TGW.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

The reconciliation of family and work is of particular importance at TGW. In order to support our employees in this regard and to allow maximum flexibility in their daily work routine, we offer flexible working hours, a generous home office model, and more.

Flexibility and a good work-life balance are important to us.

Work environment

Work environment

A work environment with state-of-the-art equipment offers our employees the necessary space for individual development. This also helps us create a pleasant atmosphere conducive to working together in agile teams.

Moderner Arbeitsplatz bedeutet für uns eine gute Ausstattung, moderne Büroeinrichtung, ein Firmenhandy, klimatisierte Umgebung sowie ein gutes Arbeitsumfeld.

Home office


Our flexible home office model makes it possible to find the ideal balance between working at the office and from home. We offer different options depending on the employee's department, including hybrid working and remote working.

Working from home in your own office? TGW offers this option for all jobs where it makes sense to do so.

Employee events

Employee events

Part of collaboration is valuing each individual person's contribution.  We hold regular employee events to celebrate our successes together.

Mitarbeiter-Events, Veranstaltungen, Turniere, Firmenläufe

Modern facilities where ideas can grow, something new can emerge and you have room to spread your wings. You will have access to the best equipment and the opportunity to communicate and exchange information with colleagues – or escape distraction in one of our silent rooms. We have it all! 

Allow us to introduce: our workplace. 

You can't wait to join our team? Neither can we!



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We're looking forward to learning more about you, too. Hope to see you soon!

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