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TGW Robotics GmbH specialises in the development and implementation of robotics solutions and special conveyor technology – an important building block in the TGW Group portfolio. In this network – and as an independent general contractor – TGW implements highly complex and individualised intralogistics solutions all around the world. At our location, we carry out pioneering work to meet the continuously growing intralogistics requirements for robotics and automation and to remain one step ahead, especially in online retail. Perfectly matched and automated gripping, palletising and depalletising solutions enable our customers to design processes to be even more optimal and flexible. This is exactly why we are searching for motivated, qualified colleagues who want to help shape the future of TGW Robotics with heart and mind.


our location

Currently, there are approximately 180 employees working at our location in Rohrdorf, a district of Rosenheim in Upper Bavaria. Engineering, production and assembly take place directly on site. Development, Sales and Lifetime Services round out the variety of departments. 

Because of our growth, we have been continuously expanding and modernising our campus over the past years. At our location, a diversified area of responsibility in a multi-faceted, appreciative work environment is awaiting you.  

Besprechungsraum TGW Robotics Rohrdorf
Fitnessraum TGW Robotics Rohrdorf
Silentroom, BüroTGW Robotics Rohrdorf
Besprechungsraum TGW Robotics Rohrdorf
TGW Robotics Geschäftsführung v.l.: Albert Breitenfellner-Fercher, Robert Wagenstaller, Ewald Koppler
TGW Robotics Rohrdorf großer Meeting Raum
TGW Robotics Rohrdorf Produktion
TGW Robotics Rohrdorf Produktionshalle
HR Ansprechpartnerin Veronika Schnabel von der TGW Robotics.

Veronika Schnabel

HR Business Partner
TGW Robotics GmbH
Alexander Koch Kontakt

Alexander Koch

HR Business Partner
TGW Robotics GmbH
HR Business Partner - Elisabeth Buchner

Elisabeth Buchner

HR Business Partner
TGW Robotics GmbH
Management TGW Robotics Rohrdorf - Albert Breitenfellner-Fercher

Albert Breitenfellner-Fercher

Managing Director
TGW Robotics GmbH
Ewald Koppler Managing Director TGW Robotics Rohrdorf

Ewald Koppler

Managing Director Operations
TGW Robotics GmbH
Robert Wagenstaller Managing Dircetor TGW Robotics

Robert Wagenstaller

Managing Director
TGW Robotics GmbH
TGW Standort Rohrdorf  DE- TGW Robotics

TGW Robotics GmbH

Ing.-Anton-Kathrein-Straße 1-7
83101 Rohrdorf

Ausbildung Fachinformatiker 2024

Teunz, Bayern

Projektleiter im agilen Softwareumfeld

Teunz / Regensburg, Bayern


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TGW employee: Thomas Schlosser (Head of R&D and Standardisation)


Thomas Schlosser, Head of R&D and Standardisation
TGW Robotics
"I am proud
that we work
with such dedication,
creativity & open-mindedness
& that we all play our part
in the company's
steadily growing success."
TGW employee: Bajezid Bilalic (Assembly and Installation Technician)

Sense of achievement

Bajezid Bilalic, Assembly and Installation Technician
TGW Robotics
"Oftentimes, we are present
when the systems
are set up and commissioned
at the customer's location
– a great sense of achievement"
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The health and wellbeing of our employees is important to us. We value the contribution of each individual team member and we motivate our team members by offering various benefits.

Our goal is to provide an environment in which people can learn and develop further – both personally and professionally. In addition to various events, at TGW Robotics, we offer employees the following:

Training & development
Dual employee participation
Additional benefits & discounts
Onboarding programme
Flexible working hours
Health promotion
Employee events
Work environment


We bring people together with various backgrounds, skills, talents and knowledge. We grow together, learn from each other and bring our visions to life. We offer a wide range of jobs and career opportunities in a growing sector. We are looking for people who will enrich our team, personally contribute to our innovative developments as well as secure and help to expand our top position in the area of automation and robotics in intralogistics. Our onboarding process is set up to ensure results. We are open and communicative towards new employees and guide them responsibly on the path to developing their potential so that they can think and act proactively.


More than 50 years ago, Ludwig Szinicz founded the company TGW and he followed a vision that puts our people in the focus. This vision is a defining element of our company culture. Our values form the basis for our collaboration and the long-term success of TGW.

Our values

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