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The TGW unit Ibérica Sistemas Logísticos opened in Barcelona in 2003. Our headquarters is located in Sant Just Desvern. We work together in inter-departmental teams in a modern and pleasant work climate. TGW Spain currently employs over 180 employees.  

development &

The personal and professional development of our employees is the key to our common success. We offer various career and professional development opportunities which emphasise the philosophy of "Learning and Growing". Examples include the TGW Academy, which offers a range of various training courses, as well as the TGW Expatriation Programme, which is an international exchange programme for our employees. 

There are special training programmes at TGW in Spain, particularly for:

  • Experienced professionals 
  • Early in career 
  • students

In addition, we offer a conveyor technology test track in the training centre of the Salesians Sant Vicenç dels Horts building, which is used by our employees and the employees of our customers for training purposes.

In spain

Since TGW is also continuously growing in Spain, we are always looking for motivated and like-minded people to strengthen our teams in various areas.

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More than 50 years ago, Ludwig Szinicz founded the company TGW and he followed a vision that puts our people in the focus. This vision is a defining element of our company culture. Our values form the basis for our collaboration and the long-term success of TGW.

More about our Values

TGW founder Ludwig Szinicz: "Focus on people - learning and growing".

TGW Ibérica offers its employees a collaborative, dynamic and international professional environment.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

The reconciliation of family and work is of particular importance at TGW. In order to support our employees in this regard and to allow maximum flexibility in their daily work routine, we offer flexible working hours, a generous home office model, and more.

Flexibilität und eine gute Work-Life-Balance sind uns wichtig.

Home office


Our flexible home office model makes it possible to find the ideal balance between working at the office and from home. We offer different options depending on the employee's department, including hybrid working and remote working.

Daheim im eigenen Büro arbeiten? TGW bietet diese Möglichkeit für alle Jobs, bei denen das sinnvoll umsetzbar ist.

Family-friendly company

Family-friendly company

We promote the reconciliation of work and family. Important aspects of that include parental leave, paternity month, parental part-time work and supporting new parents as they make the transition back to work. Additionally, we offer company child care.

Kinderbetreuung für die Vereinbarkeit von Familie und Beruf: TGW Zwergennest, Karenz, Elternzeit oder die Ferienbetreuung TGW Kids.

Employee events

Employee events

Part of collaboration is valuing each individual person's contribution.  We hold regular employee events to celebrate our successes together. We meet up with our colleagues from TGW France once a year for a team-building event.

Mitarbeiter-Events, Veranstaltungen, Turniere, Firmenläufe

Expatriation programm


Our international exchange programme enables employees to spend time overseas at one of TGW's 24 locations around the world. 

In this way we foster international cooperation, the exchange of knowledge among our units and the further development of our employees' intercultural and language skills.


Training & development

Training & development

Through our comprehensive training concept, lifelong learning and growth in both professional and personal terms are firmly embedded in our company philosophy. We therefore offer our employees a wide range of additional training opportunities, in the form of both face-to-face trainings and eLearning courses:

  • International trainings offered by the TGW Academy, especially in the areas of   technical competence training, personal development, management development and much more.
  • Local training programmes
Weiterentwicklung & Training, Aus- und Weiterbildung, Lebenslanges Lernen

Team & community


Collaboration in multicultural teams across departments is of central importance throughout the entire TGW Group. We appreciate each individual's contribution and treat each other with friendliness and respect. By treating each other with high regard, we lay the foundation for a trusting relationship. Thus we live and work in an error culture of open feedback. We see challenges as opportunities to learn and grow together.


Benefit: das Team und die persönliche Arbeitsumgebung wird bei TGW groß geschrieben.

Catering & employee restaurant

Catering & employee restaurant

The restaurants' flexible catering services ensure the well-being of our employees by providing them with sufficient energy during their workday.

Für die Verpflegung der Mitarbeiter gibt es ein Mitarbeiter-Restaurant, eine Kantine und/oder es gibt eine Küche.

Additional benefits & discounts

Additional benefits & discounts

TGW employees profit from additional benefits and discounts in many areas:

  • Possibility of private insurance
  • TGW collection:  high-quality sports and business products with subtle TGW branding at reduced prices 
Ermäßigungen, Versicherungen, Zusatzversicherung, fin. Zuschüsse & Benefits.

Health promotion

Health promotion

Health management and promotion are a particular concern of ours. That's why we offer things like preferential rates at fitness studios and other health promotion measures in the workplace.

Gesundheitsförderung, Sport, Fitnesscenter, Fitnesskurse, Massageangebote, Betriebsarzt, Arbeitspsychologe, Impfungen

Mobility & transport connections

Mobility - good transport connections

Our location boasts good access to public transport.

All unsere Standorte verfügen über eine gute Verkehrsanbindung sowie ausreichend kostenlose Parkmöglichkeiten.
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