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Ten years ago, experienced industry experts founded TGW Systems Integration AG in Rotkreuz, Switzerland. Sustainable growth, satisfied customers and successful projects have made today's TGW Switzerland a leading player in planning, implementation and support of highly automated logistics centres.

The first year after its foundation saw the team land what was then the largest order in TGW's history: grocery giant Coop trusted the expertise of the young TGW subsidiary to build its new national logistics centre in Schafisheim, Switzerland.  


Our employees' personal growth and development is the key to TGW's success. We offer a multitude of careers and professional development opportunities that emphasise our philosophy of "Learning & Growing." Thanks to our international network of TGW locations, we offer our employees a multitude of professional and personal development opportunities, from our TGW Academy global training programme to the TGW Expatriation Programme (an international exchange programme for our employees).


As a continuously growing company, TGW is always looking for motivated people to support and expand our team in various departments:

  • Mechanical, electrical and mechatronics engineers 
  • System Designers 
  • Senior Leadership and Management 
  • Project Management 
  • Support Services (HR, Finance, Health & Safety & Customer Service)

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Over 50 years ago, Ludwig Szinicz founded TGW, and he had a vision: "The people should take centre stage like at no other company." We have made it our mission to continue this legacy: various programmes ensure that our colleagues grow collectively and alongside one another.


TGW founder Ludwig Szinicz: "Focus on people - learning and growing".

We offer a variety of benefits and services at our Swiss location that make TGW an exceptional place to work.

Home office


Our flexible home office model makes it possible to find the ideal balance between working at the office and from home. We offer different options depending on the employee's department, including hybrid working and remote working.

Daheim im eigenen Büro arbeiten? TGW bietet diese Möglichkeit für alle Jobs, bei denen das sinnvoll umsetzbar ist.

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours

The reconciliation of family and work is of particular importance at TGW. In order to support our employees in this regard and to allow maximum flexibility in their daily work routine, we offer flexible working hours, a generous home office model, and more. On top of that, there are the following holiday entitlement opportunities:

  • 25 days of annual leave across the board
  • after 40 years 27 days of annual leave
  • after 50 years 30 days of annual leave
Flexibilität und eine gute Work-Life-Balance sind uns wichtig.



We care about the well-being of our employees and offer options such as assumption of lunch costs to ensure that they have sufficient energy during their workday.

Für die Verpflegung der Mitarbeiter gibt es ein Mitarbeiter-Restaurant, eine Kantine und/oder es gibt eine Küche.

Company cars


Company cars are provided to our employees according to their areas of operation and responsibility, and may also be used for private purposes.

Firmenwagen, Dienstwagen bei TGW für bestimmte Jobs oder Level.

Training & development

Training & development

Through our comprehensive training concept, lifelong learning and growth in both professional and personal terms are firmly embedded in our company philosophy. We therefore offer our employees a wide range of additional training opportunities, in the form of both face-to-face trainings and eLearning courses:

  • International trainings offered by the TGW Academy, especially in the areas of   technical competence training, personal development, management development and much more.
  • Local training programmes
  • Extensive onboarding programmes for new employees: coaching, mentoring, buddy system, information about eLearning courses, management training, personal development interviews  and much more.
  • Scholarships, internships and supervision for master theses & final year projects
  • Apprenticeship training 
Weiterentwicklung & Training, Aus- und Weiterbildung, Lebenslanges Lernen

Dual employee participation

Dual employee participation

Taking on responsibility and partaking in the success of the company: that duality lies at the heart of TGW's dual employee participation. We very much appreciate our employees' commitment, so at the end of a successful business year we offer each employee the choice between three options: money, additional days of leave or attractive healthcare options.


Bei der dualen Mitarbeiterbeteiligung kann bei TGW jeder Mitarbeiter zwischen Geld oder Zeit wählen.

Mobility & transport connections

Mobility & transport connections

Our location has good transport connections as well as sufficient free parking. 

You can also reach the train station within 5 minutes. 

All unsere Standorte verfügen über eine gute Verkehrsanbindung sowie ausreichend kostenlose Parkmöglichkeiten.

Additional benefits & discounts

Additional benefits & discounts

TGW employees profit from additional benefits and discounts in many areas:

  • Daily travelling allowance 
  • Mobile phones, including for private use 
  • Possibility of private additional insurance on favourable terms and conditions  
  • TGW collection:  high-quality sports and business products with subtle TGW branding at reduced prices 
Ermäßigungen, Versicherungen, Zusatzversicherung, fin. Zuschüsse & Benefits.

Recruiting employees is a two-way street. Not only do we want to find the right person for the job, we also understand how important it is for you to make the right career choice. 

We have designed our recruitment process with this in mind - we want to see the best of you and for you to see the best of us!

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