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Welcome to TGW Italy. We are passionate about making TGW a unique and extraordinary place to work. Our Italy Headquarters were established in 2006 and based in Spilamberto, Modena. Whilst a number of our employees work from our headoffice, we have a large number of our employees who reside at our customer sites througout the Italy, providing a resident engineering maintenance service. Altogether, more than 115 employees are working from our locations across the Italy. 

TGW Italy is a part of the central european area of TGW, which is made up of locations in Marchtrenk, Austria.

HR specialist Rachele Monaco

Rachele Monaco

Head of Human Resources & General Services
TGW Italy S.r.l.
TGW Office Italy Kontakt

TGW Italy S.r.l.

Via dei marmorari 68, Spilamberto
41057 Modena
Matteo Righini Managing Director TGW Italia

Matteo Righini

Managing Director
TGW Italy S.r.l.


Our employee’s personal growth and development is key to the success of TGW. We provide a number of career and development opportunities that support the TGW Philosophy of “Learning and Growing” through our TGW Academy, which provides a wide variety of training, through to opportunities with the TGW Expatriation Program which enables our employees to access a number of working and development opportunities across TGW internationally.

TGW Italy also has a “training center” in Spilamberto Modena, which has a conveyor test loop, which helps us provide training to our employees and offer technical training to our Customers.

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As TGW continues to grow, we are constantly looking for motivated, like-minded people to join our team from a number of areas:

  • Mechanical, electrical and mechatronics engineers 
  • System Designers 
  • Senior Leadership and Management 
  • Controls and Software Developers 
  • Project Management 
  • Support Services (HR, Finance, Health & Safety & Customer Service) 
  • Early Careers (Apprentices & Graduates) 


Spilamberto, Modena

Sales Project Manager

Spilamberto, Modena


More than 50 years ago, Ludwig Szinicz founded the company TGW and he followed a vision that puts our people in the focus. This vision is a defining element of our company culture. Our values form the basis for our collaboration and the long-term success of TGW.

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Our Italy entity provides a number of benefits that make TGW a great place to work.

Flexible working hours
Home office
Dual employee participation
Additional benefits & discounts
Company cars

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