Direct carton handling.
High level of flexibility
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The German poultry producer Wiesenhof is part of the PHW Group.

Direct carton handling


The German poultry processing company Wiesenhof rebuilt its meat processing facility, including its distribution centre. The solution, in two different temperature zones for refrigerated and freezer goods, ensures maximum availability and flexible material flows for cartons and meat crates that conform to European standards. Innovative automation technology is utilised in a partly redundant design. The products themselves either come from in-house production or are delivered externally in order to be consolidated in the distribution centre as well as prepared for combined shipping.

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At a glance
  • HIGH LEVEL OF FLEXIBILITY of the material flow thanks to direct carton handling and the use of euro boxes

  • INCREASED EFFICIENCY thanks to innovative automation technology in a partly redundant design


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Michael Schedlbauer | Industry Manager Grocery, TGW
Michael Schedlbauer
Industry Manager Grocery
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