Automated logistics for small orders.
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Automated logistics for small orders


The customer service is Würth Elektronik eiSos' flagship division, especially the free sample supplies to the developers. Since 2016, the electronics expert has had a sophisticated logistics centre in Waldenburg, Germany that allows it to reach consumers even faster and more efficiently. Due to strong sales growth in recent years, Würth decided to expand their existing warehouse in the course of a modernisation project and double the capacity of the order fulfillment system.

Thorsten Rollbühler, Organisation/Logistics at Würth eiSos.
"We have developed and realised a flexible and economical logistics system. We are fully satisfied with the result."

Thorsten Rollbühler, Organisation/Logistics at Würth eiSos

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  • INSTALLING A SCALABLE SYSTEM as basis for further growth - third expansion stage already taken into account

  • ALL INTERVENTIONS AND ADAPTATIONS carried out in tight time windows outside business hours

  • USE OF MANY IDENTICAL PARTS to have a positive effect on the Total Cost of Ownership

  • ALL FROM ONE SOURCE The material handling equipment used for the upgrade were supplied and implemented by TGW

  • FAST ADAPTATION for changed article structure and/or order quantities


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