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Ingrid Gogl is Director of Marketing & Communications at TGW Logistics.

Ingrid Gogl is the new communications responsible at TGW Logistics

  • The expert in strategic communication and corporate storytelling took up her new role as Director of Marketing & Communications on 1 August
  • Increased focus on positioning TGW as an innovative technology company
  • Foundation-owned company as the backdrop for TGW's image as an employer and intralogistics specialist

7. August 2023
French DIY market leader trusts in TGW Lifetime Services.

DIY market leader Leroy Merlin trusts in TGW Lifetime Services

  • French do-it-yourself specialist Leroy Merlin relies on TGW's service expertise
  • Full service package for optimal system availability
  • On-site support, maintenance and repair as well as remote support

28. July 2023
TGW introduces new shuttle generation.

TGW presents new generation of shuttles

  • Entire system with performance increased by ten per cent
  • Shuttles unite performance with reliability, a rugged design and energy efficiency
  • Maximum availability: Manual intervention is reducedby up to 90 per cent
  • Focus on sustainability: The use of wood saves 25 tonnes of plastic per year

18. July 2023
Plancise (Workforce management software) wins SupplyTech award 2023.

PLANCISE acknowledged as Smart Warehouse Solution of the Year

  • Workforce management software winner of 2023 SupplyTech Breakthrough award
  • PLANCISE chosen among over 1,400 nominations globally
  • The TGW-founded start-up has already made a positive impact on several customers in its pilot program

22. June 2023
Highly automated fulfilment centre handed over by TGW to Victoria's Secret & Co.

TGW completes successful implementation of a highly automated fulfilment center for Victoria’s Secret & Co.

  • Over the past months, a showcase project was constructed in Columbus, Ohio for the world-renowned lingerie brand
  • The high-performance picking solution, powered by the TGW FlashPick® system, can ship up to 225,000 orders to customers per day
  • TGW Warehouse Software plans, controls, monitors and optimizes all picking processes

29. May 2023
high-performance freezer system for the grocery wholesaler ASKO.

TGW freezer competence gives Norwegian grocery market leader ASKO a boost

  • The powerful freezer system encompasses a high-bay pallet warehouse with storage and retrieval machines as well as an automated mini-load warehouse with 38,000 storage locations
  • Increased productivity, shortened lead times and improved ergonomics for employees
  • TGW's experience in freezer automation as a decisive factor in the awarding process

22. May 2023
Advanced system for grocery retail can also handle split case picking.

FullPick: TGW presents an efficient solution for fully automated mixed pallet picking

  • Advanced system for grocery retail can also handle split case picking
  • Modular approach based on TGW's many years of industry experience
  • This innovation permits customers more flexibility and a lasting increase in efficiency
  • FullPick can be implemented in any temperature zone:from ambient temperature to refrigerated to freezer applications

28. April 2023
TGW Logistics Group offers new and existing customers an innovative visualisation tool.

Smarter intralogistics driven by data: New TGW web application aids optimisation

  • Data Analysis and Reporting Dashboards provide a general view of the overall system
  • The Lifetime Services web application can be implemented quickly and also deployed in retrofit projects
  • The dashboards are based on TGW's many years of experience

17. April 2023
TGW RoboChallenge: Programming & Automation in Focus.

TGW RoboChallenge: An die Roboter, fertig, los!

  • An der zweiten Ausgabe des von TGW und der Fachhochschule OÖ Campus Wels veranstalteten Events nahmen 47 Schüler und Studenten teil
  • Die Teilnehmer konnten ihr Know-how im Programmieren in drei Bewerben unter Beweis stellen
  • Robotik als Schlüsseltechnologie in der Intralogistik

13. April 2023
Sustainable recuperation function: TGW smart energy Strategy.

Focusing on sustainability: TGW Smart Energy Strategy

  • Low energy consumption and recuperation function as TGW standard
  • Potential for savings of up to 17 percent with storage and retrieval machines or conveyor equipment
  • Intelligent software adapts the system output to the individual performance requirements as needed, thus also reducing mechanical wear

20. March 2023
Press images

TGW Evolution Park

The headquarters of TGW Logistics Group in Marchtrenk (AT).

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Lifetime Services

TGW Lifetime Services: for highest system availability.

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TGW Warehouse Software

TGW's IT solution for planning, monitoring and optimising fulfilment processes.

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Innovative micro-fulfilment concept for grocers.

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Zero-touch pocket sorter system.

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Smart goods-to-person (GTP) order fulfilment system for single items.

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