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TGW completes successful implementation of a highly automated fulfilment center for Victoria’s Secret & Co.

  • Over the past months, a showcase project was constructed in Columbus, Ohio for the world-renowned lingerie brand
  • The high-performance picking solution, powered by the TGW FlashPick® system, can ship up to 225,000 orders to customers per day
  • TGW Warehouse Software plans, controls, monitors and optimizes all picking processes

29. May 2023

TGW freezer competence gives Norwegian grocery market leader ASKO a boost

  • The powerful freezer system encompasses a high-bay pallet warehouse with storage and retrieval machines as well as an automated mini-load warehouse with 38,000 storage locations
  • Increased productivity, shortened lead times and improved ergonomics for employees
  • TGW's experience in freezer automation as a decisive factor in the awarding process

22. May 2023

FullPick: TGW presents an efficient solution for fully automated mixed pallet picking

  • Advanced system for grocery retail can also handle split case picking
  • Modular approach based on TGW's many years of industry experience
  • This innovation permits customers more flexibility and a lasting increase in efficiency
  • FullPick can be implemented in any temperature zone:from ambient temperature to refrigerated to freezer applications

28. April 2023

Smarter intralogistics driven by data: New TGW web application aids optimisation

  • Data Analysis and Reporting Dashboards provide a general view of the overall system
  • The Lifetime Services web application can be implemented quickly and also deployed in retrofit projects
  • The dashboards are based on TGW's many years of experience

17. April 2023

Focusing on sustainability: TGW Smart Energy Strategy

  • Low energy consumption and recuperation function as TGW standard
  • Potential for savings of up to 17 percent with storage and retrieval machines or conveyor equipment
  • Intelligent software adapts the system output to the individual performance requirements as needed, thus also reducing mechanical wear

20. March 2023

PLANCISE is redefining workforce management

  • High-performance software for efficient staff and shift scheduling in logistics centers
  • PLANCISE can produce analyses at the push of a button, make recommendations and visualise data on one dashboard
  • There is great demand for an intelligent solution designed specifically for intralogistics

28. February 2023

LogiMAT 2023: TGW presents the Future Fulfillment Center

  • Leading systems integrator will demonstrate the highly automated logistics center of the future at the trade fair (Hall 5, Booth C 13)
  • Spotlight on customer benefits, flexibility and profitability
  • TGW invests approximately 4.5 percent of its annual revenue in research and development

20. February 2023

INTERSPORT automates warehouse with TGW

  • Leading sporting goods retailer boosts performance and efficiency of its intralogistics processes
  • FlashPick® system accelerates shipments and provides the basis for further growth
  • TGW Warehouse Management System plans, controls and monitors all processes

9. February 2023

eGrocery leader in Poland and TGW deepen their partnership

  • This is already the second joint project between TGW and the Polish online grocery retailer
  • The powerful centrepiece: a highly dynamic shuttle warehouse with direct access to the products
  • Automation as "enabler" of high service quality, short delivery times and operational excellence

25. January 2023
On-Site Services: Massanzug für hohe Verfügbarkeit

On-Site Services: made-to-measure for high availability

  • System operators are relying more and more on intralogistics providers' on-site services in order to keep their promises to their end customers
  • In high-performance logistics, availability determines the success or failure of automated warehouses
  • At TGW, more than 400 experts work to ensure maximum fulfillment center performance

16. January 2023
Press images

TGW Evolution Park

The headquarters of TGW Logistics Group in Marchtrenk (AT).

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Lifetime Services

TGW Lifetime Services: for highest system availability.

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TGW Warehouse Software

TGW's IT solution for planning, monitoring and optimising fulfilment processes.

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Innovative micro-fulfilment concept for grocers.

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Zero-touch pocket sorter system.

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Smart goods-to-person (GTP) order fulfilment system for single items.

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