The STINGRAY is TGW’s latest generation shuttle module, designed for medium to very high throughput rates.

Twister load-handling devices with fixed or variable telescope clearance are a key component of each STINGRAY shuttle. They enable handling of loads with different dimensions in ambient, chilled and frozen environments with single, double or multi-deep shelves. The compact design of the STINGRAY and the small gaps between the loads in the racking allow for extremely high storage density. The shuttles are supplied via high-performance lifts with heights of up to 25 metres.

The shuttles are supplied via high-performance lifts with heights of up to 25 metres.

A sophisticated access and maintenance concept permits easy access to all important system components. TGW’s Commander system takes care of the control and vizualisation of the module, ensuring perfect system interaction. The use of energy recovery modules with energy consumption oriented axis control allow for excellen energy-efficiency values.

Your benefits

  • Used in freezer applications down to -30°C
  • Handles a wide range of load dimensions without the need for additional load carriers
  • Minimises investment and process costs as well as lead times thanks to direct load handling
  • Multi-deep storage of handled load up to 50kg
  • Extremely high storage density reduces storage volume and warehousing costs
  • Very high system performance allows for high capacity utilization of up and downstream subsystems
  • Extremely high energy efficiency at maximum performance
  • Advanced system access and service concept
  • Scalable and modular design based on simple configuration by aisle (may be partially equipped)
  • Service levels in the rack permit easy access to all storage locations
  • Reduced downtimes during maintenance
  • Customized TGW Commander IT and controls solutions for optimum use of STINGRAY

Technical data

Machines and load handling device types

  • STINGRAY N: Fixed load carrier widths
  • STINGRAY V: Variable load carrier widths
  • Twister: Cartons, totes, trays

Areas of application

  • Storage of different types of loads up to 50 kg
  • Buffer for order picking, production supply or shipping
  • Replenishment of gravity channels
  • Sequencing of load carriers for different process steps

Stored loads

  • Totes, trays, cartons
  • Single to multi-deep storage
  • Length: 150 mm to 900 mm
  • Width: 200 mm to 800 mm
  • Height: 50 mm to 600 mm
  • Weight: up to 50 kg

Ambient conditions

  • Operating temperature: -30 °C to 40 °C
  • Relative humidity:
    • ≥ 0 °C: max. 80 % (non-condensing)
    • < 0 °C: max. 3 % (non-condensing)