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Avoid unnecessary downtime and expenses – and boost system availability as a result. Preventative maintenance and predictive maintenance enable us to identify potential complications before they become a problem. Thanks to proactive monitoring of hardware and software (status monitoring), we have a firm grasp of the individual control systems and the function of the system. As a result, our TGW CMMS recognises automatically and in a timely manner when a single component is negatively affecting the performance of the system and initiates the order process for the corresponding spare part. By offering these types of intelligent networking and others, we make your system fit for the future! 

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  • WEAR-BASED MAINTENANCE: Work measures according to system utilisation / TGW CMMS as interface to PLC and SCADA

  • CONDITION-BASED MAINTENANCE Thermographic examination and local or remote inspections by experts

  • MONITORING SERVICES: IT hardware & IT software in focus / TGW Software Suite and Icinga 2 / planning and incorporation of failure backup scenarios / taking over responsibility

Lifetime Services: On-Site technician Ryan at Hachette.
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Remote Services: Far away and yet so close.
Lifetime Services

Remote Services: So far, yet so near

On-site services: Tailor-made for high availability.
Integrated Systems
Lifetime Services

On-Site Services: made-to-measure for high availability

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