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Have all important data available when it’s needed. With TGW Smart Services we improve efficiency and simplify workflows for technicians. We strive for continuous improvement and further development of our smart solutions.

Increasing flexibility and quality

An automated warehouse system produces large quantities of data, which has to be filtered, merged and evaluated to draw reliable conclusions. 


The TGW Computerized Maintenance Management System (CMMS) allows innovative digitalisation of all maintenance processes - with a focus on intralogistic processes, equipment and the corresponding solutions. Depending on requirements the basic system can be adapted individually, thanks to the modular structure of our TGW CMMS.

your benefits

  • Easy-to-understand, well-structured mapping of the entire system
  • Create shift and maintenance plans and assign them using drag and drop
  • Fewer downtimes & extended system life thanks to usage-based maintenance (UBM)  
  • Time savings thanks to user-friendly and easy-to-use TGW CMMS mobile app
  • Interactive dashboard function for obtaining any type of system information 
  • Easy support of multiple locations using one system


Contact your Lifetime Services contact person for details about the function and scope of the system.

Das CMMS besticht durch die innovative Digitalisierung sämtlicher Abläufe der Instandhaltung

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