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In addition to the purchase price of an intralogistics system, we always take aspects of subsequent use into account for you (spare parts, energy consumption, personnel costs and maintenance). As a result, you get the most cost-effective solution for the entire life cycle of your system – and a faster Return on Investment (ROI).


In addition to a total intralogistics package that is reliable and future-proof, we offer a guarantee – unrivalled throughout the industry – that includes up to 10 years of basic ongoing operating costs. Why are we able to do this? The answer lies in our high-quality modular mechatronics system, not to mention the fact that we take into account the operating costs – from planning to implementation and even Lifetime Services – and break them down transparently.


Low maintenance costs, intelligent energy management, 24/7 availability: Starting in the early phases of collaboration, we present you with a variety of comprehensive service concepts. We then work with you to prepare a customised service package that incorporates features such as spare parts usage and services including remote services. You benefit from having projectable costs throughout the entire life cycle of an intralogistics system.

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