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Consumers make flexible use of multiple mobile end devices as well as brick-and-mortar retail and expect fast and error-free delivery and availability of goods. Does this present an unpredictable logistics challenge? 

TGW solutions offer retail companies greater efficiency in their distribution centres, no matter whether they work with online retail, brick-and-mortar retail or omni-channel solutions. Our systems, in combination with a fully or partially automated infrastructure, constitute the basis for this. 

With us as a partner, you will have the dynamic changes in retail well in hand and be well-equipped logistically. This is true regardless of the order amount, item variety, weight, specific product properties or seasonal campaigns such as Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

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  • MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY for order peaks and order structures

  • EFFICIENT HANDLING for changing business scenarios

  • DIRECT ACCESS Ideal for rapidly changing items

  • INDIVIDUAL DOO2DOOR SOLUTIONS thanks to the modular structure of our systems

  • FLEXIBLE EXPANSION possible during live operation


Today's consumers are not easy to impress; high expectations of access to a wide range of information, countless shopping opportunities, the best service, and the perfect experience whenever and wherever they shop represent great challenges for retail. Logistics challenges in particular are shaped by these expectations, and retail companies are finding their own particular business models in order to meet these requirements successfully. Oftentimes this involves constantly expanding their product portfolios to be ready to satisfy their customers' every wish. TGW offers solutions precisely fitted to your individual requirements and that address all needs, supporting you on the road to success. Efficiency is not the only focus here: your customer promises are also taken into account in order to generate the best fulfilment solution.

  • Material flow optimisation: We analyse your material flow and develop strategies for boosting the efficiency of your warehouse.
  • Automated storage systems: Our ultramodern automated storage systems help you to save space and increase the accuracy of your inventory management.
  • Picking and packaging solutions: We offer solutions for optimising the picking process to minimise errors and accelerate order fulfilment.
  • Tracking and tracing: Our ultramodern technology makes it possible to track your goods precisely, all the way from goods receiving to delivery.
  • Consulting and training: Our team is at your side not only for the implementation of the system but also to offer training and ensure that your team can use our solution effectively.
Werx Software by TGW

WERX Software by TGW

TGW bietet einen optimierten Logistikprozess mit SAP.

Soluciones SAP EWM


Automatischer Taschensorter - Smarte Pocket-Sorter Lösung.


Unsere intelligente Lösung im Bereich Goods-to-Person.


Simple ordering, fast and error-free delivery, easy returns handling and reliability are all fundamental requirements for today's customers. In this regard, TGW offers highly dynamic fulfilment solutions that are particularly well-suited to meet online customers' expectations. 

Unplannable incoming orders are processed immediately, with an eye not only to quick execution but also maximum productivity and efficiency. Scalability, flexibility and avoiding errors are just as important as efficient return handling. 

In combination with TGW software and the corresponding Lifetime Services, we lay the foundation for your operational excellence in online retail.

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Customers want an unencumbered shopping experience when they go to the store. While today's customers may use all channels when seeking information or placing orders, taking in a product with all of one's senses is something that can only be done in the store. Making this shopping experience possible requires a perfect replenishment system. Empty shelves or absent products are just as counterproductive as high prices.

Therefore, a highly efficient solution takes into account not only efficiency in the distribution centre but also transportation and effort required in the store. Cost cutting aspects such as minimum transportation volume and minimal effort required for shelf replenishment receive just as much attention in our fulfilment solutions as reduced costs in the distribution centre. Another focus of these efforts is high delivery frequency and low order quantities as a way to minimise in-store storage costs.

Last but not least, TGW software plays a central role in the achievement of all of these tasks, whether that be optimising packing volume and sequences, or organising timely deliveries.  TGW Lifetime Services ensures the smooth operation of your installation and equipment, thus also ensuring high availability.

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Today, omni-channel solutions are already the most important but also the most complex practices. Customers use all options open to them to stay informed and satisfy their needs and wishes. TGW has been offering perfect solutions in this area for years, calibrated especially for multi- or omni-channel systems. It goes without saying that these offer tremendous flexibility to react to quick changes, as well as providing rapid processing and high efficiency.

The level of automation is adapted to the respective needs: we carry out analyses to determine and suggest the most economic solutions. With our broad range of technologies, it is always possible to find the right fit. Our software and robotics technologies also facilitate the highest levels of automation.

The chosen solution is supplemented with a service package tailored to your requirements. TGW Lifetime Services ensures high availability through the smooth operation of your installation and equipment.


Erich Schlenkrich
Vice President Business Development Industrial & Consumer


Industrial & consumer goods


Our customers trust our expert knowledge as industry specialists and benefit from intralogistics solutions perfectly tailored to the respective requirements. We are your experienced and competent partner for intelligent and versatile industrial solutions and a high-performance supply chain.

TGW automatisiert Fulfillment Center für

Fulfilment centre for

Highly automated distribution center for Jasco in Oklahoma City.

Jasco Home Automation

Leroy Merlin Video Preview

Leroy Merlin

Automatisierung des neuen Distributionszentrums.

Hachette UK Distribution

Eine schnelle Ersatzteilversorgung.


Mehr Power - Retrofit für Thomann.


Erweiterung des Zentrallagers.


Werx Software by TGW

WERX Software by TGW

TGW bietet einen optimierten Logistikprozess mit SAP.

Soluciones SAP EWM


Automatischer Taschensorter - Smarte Pocket-Sorter Lösung.


Unsere intelligente Lösung im Bereich Goods-to-Person.


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