11. juillet 2016

TGW China study tour

TGW China invites logistics experts from China to join the TGW and Fraunhofer study tour in Europe.

From 29th May to 10th June 2016, 21 people travel around Austria and Germany to get an insight into the technological achievements of TGW Logistics Group and Fraunhofer.
The intralogistics industry in China is evolving and new trends and developments are brought to Asia. TGW Logistics Group and Fraunhofer are long-term partners in developing ergonomic and state-of-the-art logistics solutions for warehousing, transportation and picking within a distribution centre. A number of Chinese experts now got the chance to take a closer look at their technologies at TGW’s headquarter in Wels, Austria as well as in already realised installations across Europe.

Growing market – growing chances

The experts were accompanied to some of the most important installations realised by TGW to experience Industry 4.0, to expand their global vision of intralogistics and to get a glimpse of the future in China’s market. “The Chinese market is ever growing and it is important to get to know the market’s demands. TGW has an excellent position in China with the office in Shanghai and our production facility in Changzhou. Now, we have to show the logistics industry there, what we are capable of doing and we have to convince them of our philosophy and values”, says Daniel Sichmann, Key Account Manager for China at TGW.

Tour through TGW’s headquarters and installations

The logistics experts from China were excited about the visits in TGW’s headquarters in Wels. “I have been to logistics manufacturers all over the world and have seen a lot. But I have never seen a production facility that is so well structured, clean and innovative as TGW’s. I was impressed and would definitely say that TGW is a first class provider of intralogistics solutions”, Song Wei from Do-Logistics Consulting says. “Their smart solutions offer everything you might need in your installation. From the smallest cartons to larger sized totes – TGW solutions are able to handle all kinds of goods with their portfolio.”

Mark Chua, Managing Director of TGW China, is happy to receive such a positive feedback: “It is always great to experience the reactions towards TGW’s materials handling solutions. We were happy to be part of a great tour for Chinese logistics experts and are confident that they took a lot of great impressions back home to China.”


TGW Press information: Study Tour TGW China and Fraunhofer

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TGW Study Tour with TGW China and Fraunhofer at the TGW headquarter's production in Wels

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The TGW study tour led the Chinese guests to TGW customer Esprit in Germany

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TGW's guests also visited the Richard Wolf installation in Germany

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The Chinese logistics experts got great insights into the world of TGW at the headquarters in Wels

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