4. Ekim 2016

Be Fast. Stay Flexible.

TGW FlashPick® – The smart response to the questions of tomorrow

Flexibility, speed, modularity. And a glimpse into the future. TGW FlashPick® is the Smart Piece Picking System which meets tomorrow's needs already today. A lot of things change, but one thing always needs to stay the same: our customers' success. FlashPick® contributes to that.

You touch the display once with your fingertip and the book in the virtual shopping cart is already being sent to you. Social Media suggests buying an article of clothing, and two clicks later you've ordered it. If it doesn't fit, you simply send it back. Also companies order their replenishment of tools or office supplies via tablet or smart phone. Our society and its buying behaviour can no longer be compared to that of some years ago – both B2B and B2C. We are buying things in a faster and more flexible way from anywhere, and want to hold our goods in our hands in perfect condition, and at best on the very same day. "We want everything fast and flexible – and we, the material handling experts, need to provide solutions for this. The demand is to know already today what we need tomorrow," knows Christoph Wolkerstorfer, Managing Director of TGW Logistics Group.

The secret of FlashPick®'s success

In different industries, TGW is already implementing several installations with the FlashPick® system, the solution for automated split case picking. The modular system stands out due to its flexibility and speed, and not only allows for shorter lead times, but also for combining different distribution channels, order structures and fast article and assortment changes by lowest labour costs. "The TGW FlashPick® is a standardised, but at the same time, flexible and modular high-performance picking system. The benefits have been and are immediately visible and convincing for our customers in all projects for which we have offered and implemented this system! " explains Christoph Wolkerstorfer.
Focusing on the discrete handling of single orders is the FlashPick® system's primary secret of success. All strategies and processes have been designed to process incoming orders within the shortest possible time.

Smart modules for best performance and high profitability

The FlashPick® system is characterised by low operating costs and will amortise very quickly –depending on the local labour costs even in less than two years. Its basis is well-proven TGW modules interacting with each other at high performance. The system's profitability is consequently not only checked in terms of an investment, but also in consideration of how operating costs develop and of the overall cost for the system – the Total Cost of Ownership. Speed combined with intelligence turns the system into an unbeatable solution. It delivers balanced performance, uses resources carefully, and keeps an eye on profitability and energy efficiency.
The high-performance TGW PickCenter workstation is the core element of the FlashPick® system, enabling highest and sustainable performance thanks to optimum ergonomics and an appealing design. The flexible, intelligent KingDrive® conveyors provide high-speed transport of the goods at industry leading operational costs with low maintenance and high-energy efficient components across the installation. The goods are stored in up to 25 metre high TGW Stingray Shuttle aisles providing highest storage density. All this is coordinated by the user-friendly and reliable TGW Software Suite which controls and optimises all material flow processes. FlashPick® is a smart system innovation that allows the performance to increase in a nearly unlimited way – at any time also during live operation.

Speed and intelligence for today and tomorrow

No matter how the business and the consumer behaviour of our society will change, FlashPick® will quickly and flexibly adapt to any requirement, being an ideal solution for omni-channel distribution. With the TGW FlashPick® system TGW sets new standards regarding the speed and flexibility of logistics systems. Small or large orders, express orders, fast article or assortment changes, flexibility in the layout, extension options during live operation. Our international TGW customers, well-known brands across the world, are already working with FlashPick® – whether food, apparel or general merchandising. Whatever the future may bring, "Be fast – stay flexible."

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