16. Haziran 2016

TGW STINGRAY Shuttle System for TVH

TVH invests in new logistics solution with TGW STINGRAY shuttle system for high performance and support of their growth strategy.

The TVH Parts Co. is a family owned company distributing parts for material handling equipment around the world. TVH has selected a TGW STINGRAY shuttle and Goods-to-Person solution with an order value of $8.7 million Dollars to support the growth in their US headquarters and primary fulfilment center in Olathe, Kansas, US. This system was developed closely with a system TGW is providing for TVH’s parent company in Waregem, Belgium.

The successful growth of TVH’s parts business is adding proliferation of new SKU part numbers. This expansion will exceed the capacity of their current systems and facilities to store, pick and ship. TGW was challenged to develop this STINGRAY solution to provide very dense cubic storage on a compressed floor space footprint. The move to automation reduces labor to a fraction of conventional manual alternatives and thus provides an exceptional return on investment. The successful solution not only satisfies the initial business needs but allows for doubling of the solution all within TVH’s existing facility.

TGW will be providing this 5-aisle STINGRAY shuttle system, expandable to 10-aisles, to feed SKU part totes to ergonomically designed picking stations. The completely automated system will deliver these parts directly to the picker and return to storage. All completed orders likewise are automatically dispatched to shipping. The greatest benefit to TVH is meeting the business growth with a limited number of workers remaining highly efficient at their stations, filling the orders without extending the work day. Simultaneously, with this efficient picking system, the need to replenish the inventory is also automated, connecting the receiving areas and back stock to decanting stations for fluid and rapid balance of inventory management.


TGW Press Release - TVH's future with TGW shuttle system

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New TVH logistics centre by TGW

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Front end lifts at TVH automated shuttle warehouse by TGW

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