Living Logistics

eGrocery leader in Poland and TGW deepen their partnership

  • This is already the second joint project between TGW and the Polish online grocery retailer
  • The powerful centrepiece: a highly dynamic shuttle warehouse with direct access to the products
  • Automation as "enabler" of high service quality, short delivery times and operational excellence

25. Ocak 2023
On-Site Services: Massanzug für hohe Verfügbarkeit

On-Site Services: made-to-measure for high availability

  • System operators are relying more and more on intralogistics providers' on-site services in order to keep their promises to their end customers
  • In high-performance logistics, availability determines the success or failure of automated warehouses
  • At TGW, more than 400 experts work to ensure maximum fulfillment center performance

16. Ocak 2023
Mobile Robotik (QUBA): TGW schlägt einen neuen Weg ein.

Mobile Robotics: TGW is turning a new page

  • With "Quba," the intralogistics specialist presents a comprehensive range of mobile robots for the autonomous transport of totes, cartons and pallets
  • Strategic partnership and close collaboration of AGV specialist SAFELOG and TGW
  • Mobile TGW robots are already in use at Engelbert Strauss and Thermoplan

21. Kasım 2022
Retrofitkonzept für Gewürzspezialisten Almi

Perfect retrofit recipe for Almi

  • TGW updated the seasoning specialist's warehouse during ongoing operation
  • Thanks to hardware and software updates, energy savings of up to 20 percent are possible
  • Project ensures long-term system availability

28. Eylül 2022
Temperaturgeführtes Tiefkühl-Palettenlager für schwedischen Lebensmittelhändler ICA.

TGW's expertise in freezer applications gives Swedish grocery retailer a boost

  • Temperature-controlled warehouse ensures optimal product quality along the supply chain
  • Fully or partly-automated compilation of orders onto shop-specific roll cages
  • Increased operational efficiency

8. Eylül 2022
Quick Commerce: Die Zahle der Spezialisten für online bestellte und schnell gelieferte Lebensmittel steigt rasant.

Quick commerce: is it quick? Yes! Is it profitable? No!

  • High potential attracts investors and entrepreneurs alike
  • Experts predict a wave of consolidation and changing business models
  • Automation as a key to profitability

30. Ağustos 2022
TGW eröffnet Standort in Südkorea.

TGW opens location in South Korea

  • Asian growth market is coming into increased focus with unit in Seoul
  • As part of a cooperative effort, TGW is working closely together with one of the country's leading system integrators
  • Highly automated intralogistics systems for the Fashion, Grocery, Industrial & Consumer Goods industries

27. Temmuz 2022
Hochautomatisiertes System für führenden europäischen Hersteller von Fleisch und Convenience-Produkten.

The Bell Food Group trusts TGW

  • Highly-automated system for Europe's leading meat producer and manufacturer of convenience products
  • 42 PickCenter ONEs will handle labelling and picking on an as-needed basis
  • TGW software expertise: SAP EWM will plan, monitor and control all processes

5. Temmuz 2022
Pickroboter Rovolution und sein Digitaler Zwilling von der VDI ausgezeichnet.

TGW wins VDI's Logistics Innovation Award

  • The picking robot Rovolution and its digital twin were honoured by the VDI Society Production and Logistics
  • The robotics solution makes autonomous decisions thanks to artificial intelligence
  • Its digital twin makes behaviour visible and comprehensible

8. Haziran 2022
Alexander Leitner: Vice President für Innovation und Technologie bei TGW.

Alexander Leitner named new Senior Vice President Innovation & Technology at TGW

  • The manager with international experience has been brought on board to advance TGW's innovation roadmap 
  • Leitner will also contribute his expertise to the Executive Management Team

17. Mayıs 2022
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