Living Logistics

Engelbert Strauss relies on TGW once more

  • Highly automated solution gives shipping capacity a big boost 
  • Rovolution order-picking robot heralds new age in picking for workwear specialist Engelbert Strauss
  • 26 autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) play a central role in return handling
  • The two companies are linked by a longtime collaborative partnership

22. Kasım 2021
TGW Robotics in Thansau

TGW Robotics purchases new corporate campus

  • Since becoming a part of the TGW Group, the robotics specialist's order volume has tripled, while the number of employees has doubled to around 120
  • Automation is the key factor for giving efficiency and performance of intralogistics systems a long-term boost
  • New location lays the foundation for planned growth

8. Kasım 2021
TGW Schweiz feiert 10-jähriges Jubiläum.

TGW Switzerland celebrates its 10th anniversary

  • Numerous customers depend on the Rotkreuz-based company's experience: Coop, Interdiscount and Thermoplan are just a few
  • Swiss intralogistics success story
  • 30-person team includes system design, project management and Lifetime Services

27. Ekim 2021
Tiefkühllogistik: Corona-Auswirkungen treiben Lagerautomatisierung

Freezer Logistics: Corona Effects Drive Warehouse Automation

  • Labour shortage remains most important argument for new projects
  • Sustainability and digitalisation gaining significance as deciding factors

18. Ekim 2021
TGW Lehrlinge

48 Apprentices Start Their Careers in Intralogistics

  • A total of 177 apprentices are completing their training in eight different professions at TGW in Marchtrenk and Wels
  • Focus on professional and personal education and further training
  • Stable environment with a wide variety of development opportunities

12. Ekim 2021
Kanarische Supermarktkette setzt auf TGW

HiperDino automates using FlashPick®

  • Canary Islands-based supermarket chain benefits from TGW technology
  • Accelerated lead times, boosted performance
  • Lifetime Services package for maximum availability during live operation

30. Eylül 2021
TGW schafft 850 neue Arbeitsplätze und investiert in den Standortausbau.

TGW creates 850 new jobs globally and invests in location expansion

  • Incoming orders first time over one billion US dollars
  • 850 new jobs planned, 100 in North America
  • More than eight million US dollars for Dual Employee Participation
  • TGW invests 234 million US dollars into extension of its global headquarters

23. Eylül 2021
TGW ernennt Nathan A. Wolf zum Vice President Sales für Nord-America

TGW Appoints Nathan A. Wolf as Vice President of Sales for North America

  • Nathan A. Wolf responsible for all Sales activities
  • Strengthening TGW’s position as “Partner of Choice”
  • Extensive management experience and industry knowledge

20. Eylül 2021
Als CSO verantwortet Joel Garbutt die Bereiche Solutions Design, Applications Engineering, Process Consulting & Software Design, Business Development sowie Marketing & Communications

Joel Garbutt is the new CSO of TGW Northern Europe

  • The sales specialist brings with him more than 20 years of industry experience. 
  • As CSO, Joel Garbutt will be responsible for the areas of Solutions Design, Applications Engineering, Process Consulting & Software Design, Business Development and Marketing & Communications.

13. Eylül 2021
„In der Tiefkühllogistik lohnt sich Lagerautomatisierung besonders“

"Warehouse automation is particularly valuable in freezer logistics"

  • Labour shortage boosts demand
  • Companies placing increased value on sustainability and energy savings
  • Up to two-thirds reduction in energy possible

31. Ağustos 2021
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