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Smarte Fulfillment-Systeme: Schnell und Flexibel für Ihre Intralogistik.

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TGW Logistics und OPEX® Corporation schließen eine strategische Partnerschaft

TGW Logistics and OPEX® Corporation form a strategic partnership

10. Nisan 2024
  • The European intralogistics specialist and the US-based expert in warehouse automation are working in close collaboration
  • With over 50 years of intralogistics experience, TGW Logistics will further optimize OPEX Corporation’s groundbreaking Infinity® technology
  • Together, the two companies hope to tap new customer groups and markets in the US and Europe
Unternehmen Tierprodukthandel Albert Kerbl automatisiert mit TGW Logistics

Albert Kerbl plans automation with TGW Logistics

02. Nisan 2024
  • Reduced throughput times, improved picking performance, increased efficiency
  • Kerbl and TGW Logistics have built a longstanding partnership based on mutual trust
  • The centrepiece of the TGW solution consists of a shuttle system with ergonomic picking workstations and a pallet high-bay warehouse for increased capacity 

TGW Logistics is revolutionising order fulfilment with LivePick

11. Mart 2024
  • Easy scalability and high flexibility as central advantages of the innovative order fulfillment system
  • Thanks to its modular conception, implementation of the system only requires six to twelve months from contract signature to go-live
  • Reliability at an order fulfillment level with a seamlessly integrated solution provided by TGW Logistics
  • The TGW innovation shines in both e-commerce and classic retail
SmartPocket: effizienter und skalierbarer Taschensorter gegen unvorhersehbares Bestellverhalten und Arbeitskräftemangel

SmartPocket: TGW Logistics presents a revolutionary pocket sorter

26. Şubat 2024
  • The disruptive hanging goods conveyor relies on intelligent mobile robots that travel autonomously along a system of intersecting rails to reach their destinations
  • Conventional pocket sorters are only scalable in large increments and leave a lot of potential unexploited outside of peak times; SmartPocket addresses these challenges by tailoring the technology to actual needs
  • Realisation only spans six months from the signing of the contract to go-live

C-LOG looks back on the automation of its logistics center with TGW Logistics

22. Şubat 2024
  • A high-performance TGW FlashPick® system accelerates the French supply chain specialist
  • E-commerce orders for the fashion company Groupe Beaumanoir are picked in the fulfillment center in Poupry
  • A four-aisle shuttle warehouse with 60,000 storage locations and PickCenter One workstations make up the centerpiece of the installation
PickCenter RovoFlex® Headerbild

Next-level order picking with RovoFlex

08. Şubat 2024
  • Thanks to artificial intelligence and cognitive robotics, the smart picking robot works autonomously and without human intervention
  • The PickCenter RovoFlex makes hybrid picking possible: users can switch flexibly between manual and automatic mode
  • RovoFlex can be integrated into existing systems with minimal effort and expense: a deciding criterion in the area of retrofits and modernisations
Staffelübergabe bei TGW Logistics - Henry Puhl übernimmt als Chief Executive Officer

Passing of the baton at TGW Logistics: Henry Puhl is taking over as Chief Executive Officer

01. Şubat 2024
  • After more than 14 years with the company, Harald Schröpf has decided to retire
  • Henry Puhl brings extensive industry and leadership experience to his role as Chief Executive Officer
  • The transformation programme that is already underway will continue, generating fresh momentum for TGW Logistics
Logimat 2024 - Header

LogiMAT 2024: World Premiere of Innovative Pocket Sorter

12. Ocak 2024
  • TGW's portfolio offers answers to the challenges that many companies are currently facing.
  • Trade fair highlight 2024: a pocket sorter with a disruptive hanging goods conveyor system involving autonomous robots that travel independently along a system of rails to reach their destinations.
  • At the TGW booth (Hall 5, C21), the spotlight will also be shared by a highly-efficient order fulfillment system as well as mobile robots from the Quba family (arisen from a strategic partnership with SAFELOG).

TGW Logistics has now been part of the UN Global Compact for a full year

20. Kasım 2023
  • As a member of the United Nations' global network, the intralogistics specialist is committed to sustainable and principled business
  • Linking entrepreneurial action with social responsibility is an integral part of the DNA of TGW Logistics
  • The technology company evaluates its suppliers regularly to assess their adherence to human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and fighting corruption
Französischer DIY-Marktführer Leroy Merlin vertraut auf TGW Lifetime Services.

DIY market leader Leroy Merlin trusts in TGW Lifetime Services

28. Temmuz 2023
  • French do-it-yourself specialist Leroy Merlin relies on TGW's service expertise
  • Full service package for optimal system availability
  • On-site support, maintenance and repair as well as remote support

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TGW headquarter in Marchtrenk (AT).

TGW Evolution Park

TGW Logistics Group'un Marchtrenk'teki (AT) merkezi.
JPG | 249,24 kB
Höchste Anlagenverfügbarkeit mit den TGW Lifetime Services.

Lifetime Services

TGW Ömür Boyu Hizmetler: en yüksek sistem kullanılabilirliği için.
JPG | 272,06 kB
Die Software-Lösung zur Planung, Überwachung und Optimierung von Intralogistik-Prozessen.

TGW Warehouse Software

TGW'nin sipariş tamamlama süreçlerini planlama, izleme ve optimize etme için IT çözümü.
JPG | 305,14 kB
Innovative micro-fulfilment concept for grocers by TGW.


Marketler için yenilikçi mikro sipariş gerçekleştirme konsepti.
JPG | 253,25 kB


Sıfır Dokunmalı Pocket Sorter Sistemi.
JPG | 262,84 kB
Smart TGW goods-to-person (GTP) order fulfilment system for single items.


Tek ürünler için, akıllı ürün - kişiye (GTP) sipariş gerçekleştirme sistemi.
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